Why You Should Never Chase Women – Three (3) Pointers To Remember

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In this article, I am going to share with you my ideas, thoughts and theories about why I think it’s a bad idea to chase women for relationships. Chasing people because you have feelings for them can completely distract you from bigger goals you could have achieved as well as your life’s purpose. Give me a minute or two of your reading time and ears as we dive right in.

1. Chase Your Dreams

I believe that men should not be chasing anyone as far as relationship is concerned. I know she is beautiful and might be your kind of woman and all that but I believe it is much safer if you focus your ability to chase a woman on actually pursuing the things that I really matter in life.

For example;

  • What are your goals?
  • And what are your aspirations?
  • What is it that you want to do with your life?
  • And what are your dreams?

Now let’s make those dreams come true. One thing we don’t realize is that chasing women is real work. If you’re busy spending time, chasing women instead of chasing your dreams, let’s take a look at this, so I have a hit on this woman who hardly gives you attention.

  • Calculate the hours you spend just thinking of her,
  • The sleepless nights you get because of her and the resources (airtime, food, data, etc…) that you will or may have invested just to try to win her over.

Now multiple it by 7 days and now share with us the amount of time and resources you have, or think will be invested in the comment section below.

A couple of years down the line, you’re going to realize that your dreams are even harder to attain, and you’ve wasted a lot of time and resources.

So I think rather than chasing women, focus on your dreams, and guess what? Once you do become successful, guess who’s going to be chasing you?  Your guess is as good as mine. So chase your dreams. If you successfully managed to meet these dreams, the women will come.

2. You Are Seen As Desperate And Even Pathetic Sometimes

The second reason why men shouldn’t chase women is that you become desperate and sometimes even pathetic, especially when the feeling is not mutual. The moment you see yourself being desperate for women it’s most likely the feeling is not mutual and she is probably not interested in you.

You see, if you do get that kind of woman, who already knows what she wants, she is a go-getter herself or has really big dreams that she’s pursuing, this becomes a really big turn-off for her. This is because you’re desperately looking for attention.

She has probably told you in more ways than one that she’s not interested but you keep pursuing because you feel as if the more you push one day, she’s going to give in. but the truth is this doesn’t really it does not work.

If you have to work too hard to get someone’s attention. This might mean that you’re coercing her into a relationship with you. Now, who wants to beg another person to be in a relationship with them, especially if they’re not interested? It is a waste of time, a Waste of energy, a waste of money.

So whatever it is. Do not chase women. You come across as desperate, you come across as pathetic. Just cut your losses and move on. There is of course much more fish in the sea.

3. You Going To Be Chasing Her Forever

I believe that whatever you start, you need to finish. If you begin a relationship with a woman and you’re always the one doing the chasing for starters. When you met her, you actively chased her, pursued her and over time you were successful.

Do you want her attention? Guess what? She’s now the prize you’re gonna have to work harder and overtime to be able to maintain that attention that she’s giving you. You put her on a higher pedestal, just because you are the one who does the chase.

Where on another level, I believe that you could actually level the playing Ground if you do not Chase. Yes, you can make yourself available. You can let her know your intentions but to chase, No, you wouldn’t do that.

If she is also someone who is used to having men chase her, she is going to be wondering, why isn’t this guy chasing me? And then her attention is going to suddenly switch, to not see all the guys who are coming her way, but you, who are not even paying attention really.

The Hack (The Hidden Pointer)

How did that happen? Her curiosity will be peaked and suddenly, She will be more interested in getting to know you. Of course. This does not happen every single time. But the times that something like this has occurred.

So all I’m really trying to say is, if you start to chase, you continue to chase in that relationship. It’s always going to be you working a little harder to make things happen. It’s always going to be you, making the extra sacrifice to keep the relationship going because you already set the Precedence for chasing.

So basically don’t start what you can’t finish, because you and I both know you are not going to chase her for the rest of her life. You came to the relationship with some level of aggression, some level of commitment, with some level of promise, and she is going to want to demand those things constantly to keep the relationship going, and you on the other hand may not be in that same position.


I heard men, say, maybe even in jest. Why do you continue to campaign after the election is over? There’s no need to. So while you are chasing in the relationship, she is demanding so much more of you because you already set the Precedence and you’re going to have to maintain it.

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