Five Types of Women Who Will Cheat On You

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There is this unsolved debatable topic about “men and women who cheat more?”, well that will be for another time. In this article, I’m going to walk you through five (5) types of women who will cheat on you and their character you should be aware of so as not to get heartbroken.

You must know that not all of these women have bad intentions, others do change over time. Let dive right in shall we.

1. Women Who Are Materialistic

These types of women are quite a lot in the system nowadays. They are women who will barely hardly work for anything of the things they own. These types of women have an insatiable appetite to just get the finest of things in life and they will to any length no matter what, they don’t care who they hurt in the process.

These women are highly driven by material things and all one has to do is flash items they are looking for or money before their eyes and it’s enough for them to cheat on their partner.

They are people who are usually not satisfied with one person with what you give them and especially if you’re not in a position to meet all their demands. Such women have a very low level of loyalty to their partners and may end up in another man’s bed if you’re not able to meet their materialistic needs.

As much as their beauty may be tempting, you may, by all means, avoid such women, when you come across them.

2. Women Who Are Consistently On Dating Sites And Apps Long After Both Of You Began Dating

This might be arguable, why do I say this? Well this is are my thoughts. Now, if a woman found someone she loves, someone she really wants to be with as a partner for life, she deliberately stops looking. She closes her door to other men who might find her attractive and worth dating.

So when a woman you are in a relationship with is still found on dating apps and sites, still hooking up with guys who slide into her DM’s, she is questionable and your relationship is likely a sham.

Now my opinion;

  • She is still looking for a man because you are most likely not man enough for her
  • She is probably not into you and either managing you or around you for a reason.

The above doesn’t also mean all women who are still on dating apps site whiles in a relationship are cheating or will cheat. But the truth of the matter is, what is the point of being on these apps and sites and opening yourself up to all sorts of attention if you have found the man you want to be with.

If her dating accounts are still active and she still receives DMs from strangers, then you should know that she’s still open. She still looking and you might not be the one you. She might replace you when she finds the right man.

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If you find out that this is the situation, you should start a conversation and see where her mind is at when it comes to things like dating apps and other men sliding into her DM.

What does she say to them? What does she doto and with them when they hit he DM? Does She encouraged them.

When a woman is really serious with you she doesn’t take other people seriously, and for that matter does not engage a lot of these people who slide into your DMs or engage her on dating apps.

Most women will go straight out to just delete them and stop using these apps because they found the man that they love.

3. The Flirty Type Of Women

There are a lot of women out there who just love the attention they get when they are with people. This could be playful because that is the kind of woman you are. But my thing is, where do you draw the line? At what point do her actions stop being playful and really do start to actually engage other people

Maybe when she was single, she was flirting and that is okay because she’s trying to find herself a man, but now that you’re in her life, what’s her excuse for flirting with other people (men for that matter)?

When a woman is taken, she cuts down or totally eliminates flirting from her life. Occasionally, flirting once in a while is okay but even that should have its limit.

It could be completely harmless of course but, if she has found you and she thinks that you are the guy of her dreams, then definitely there should be no need to send unnecessary signals to people and draw attention to yourself.

How disrespectful do you think it will be when she is flirting right in front of you at an event, robbing guy’s cheeks and doing all sorts of things to draw attention to herself? What does it say to you? How does it make you feel? Are you secured? It’s just a matter of time, if she doesn’t put a stop to it, some guys actually will lead her on and then the worst could possibly happen. So be careful of the unapologetic flirty women.

4. Woman Who Never Shows You Off

So you met this amazing woman. You’ve kicked off a relationship and everything seems to be going fine. But you’ve still not met the very important people in her life. For instance, her best friend/s, or any of her family members. You don’t know anyone. You barely even know where she works. She’s very secretive and would not give you any information about herself.

You see, if a woman really cares about you. If your woman really wants to be with you. She wants everybody in her circle to know that this is my man.

So if you find yourself in a situation where she is not willing to show you off, you’re in trouble. You are in deep trouble and no amount of prayers is going to get you out of that one.

Chances are there are other people in the run. Possibly, she is dating and for that matter. She might be cheating on someone else with you.

So I think whatever you do, no matter what you do. If within the first few weeks, or months, this woman you are dating is not eager to show you off and let you meet anybody in her circle, you are definatly a side cock and the main guy is actually there. Or probably you are dating a ghost.

5. Women Who Like Attention

The truth of the matter is that every woman actually likes attention. Women crave attention from their significant others or from their partners. If you’re one of those guys who feel like oh, I finally landed this girl. So I don’t need to work hard to keep her anymore, you might miss out on her.

Women need constant reassurance. They need words of affirmation and you need to know the kind of language your partner speaks so you can speak it to her.

If she is someone who seeks attention from you and she’s even gone as much as articulate it for you to understand that attention is like number one on her list, make sure that on your list of things you want to do for her and with her, attention is top priority.

When a woman says she like attention, I’m not saying drop everything you’re doing just to give her intrude attention. But the truth is if that’s what she wants, give it to her. Because she will get it from someone else if you don’t no matter how much she loves you. You need to find like a really nice balance to be able to do that so you can sustain your relationship.


These are the five types of women who are likely to cheat on you if you are not careful. You must know that this does characteristics is not a representation of all women on earth. But you will find a good number of them out there. Just be wise open your eyes and observe a little more. Listen a little deeper and, you will know. Just be on the lookout, so you don’t get heartbroken.

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