SPOKEN WORD: Today Of All Days?

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Today of all days

Who would have thought that the cock,
Will Crow tunes,
How could the morning start with a dirge,

Who took it upon himself that pledge,
a clear difference between morning and good tidings,
to cause a wedge,

How come the day is ruined before it started,
So who takes the blame for this doom,

Where is my Villain, call me my Doctor doom,
Call me the mayor, call me the “lane Louise”,
And the lame Buddhist at the street corner,

Gather me a crowd, summon the people,
Let me voice my peace, and as I piece the words together to voice my peace,

Let the stars bear witness,
As the earth hears and pens it,

That’s why and how did it go wrong,
However, today of all days should have been mine,

I cannot fathom as to who played siege to my rising morning?

Today of all days.

Spoken Word BY “CELESTIAL”

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