SPOKEN WORD: There Once Was A Man

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A man called ‘Great’.
He was a man of many talents,
He was a hardworking man, he knew no rest.

The ivory, the myrrh, the frankincense, the gold, and the treasures of the deep, and beneath were all his.
Great did not waste time,
He always made effort,
He would not let a day go waste,
What an amazing man, great he was.

In the Land of his dwelling, there was no poor and famished,
He provided work for the idle,
The orphans called him father

He was a limb and a hand to the fatherless and widows,
He was the lover of the faintest of heart,
The virgins admired him greatly.

He was a peacemaker, for his words caused the faces of adults and children alike to lit up like a night sky of a thousand

Great was a man of many accomplishments,
For in all his journeys,
Great was a man not in name only,
but in being,

Great, on an auspicious day, while travelling, met a man who was not a man,
The shout of the man caught his attention, For the man had said,
“What makes a man GREAT?

As if provoked, He rushed to the man
and said,” when he is generous”,

The man said no, that is true, but a great man lives for Christ!
Great began to cry with enlightenment,
For at this juncture he had found purpose.

He took off and continued on his journey, not as a great man,
but as a man who lives for Christ.

There Once Was A Man

Spoken Word BY “CELESTIAL”

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