The Writers Report: Our Generation of Today

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The world revolves around us as generation moves and centuries flap their winds to a new dawn. The things of yesterday become old and of no use, the sins and wrongdoing of men also begin to take new faces and form.

The Today’s Generation

In this era, Sodom and Gomorrah seem to be more decent. As criminals are now celebrated for being smart in the game.

Being a slay queen is the ish of the day as the art and word prostitution is long forgotten. We deny our projective melanin skin by bleaching and you know what, it’s called skin glowing.

Taking the lives of another,  frauding and dealing in drugs is now called hustling. What a cute crafty name that is. Harlotry is now term as runs girls.

This is the generation where Christ-like personalities comment on immorality with no remorse. This art is term as being freaky.

The term is no more fornication but lovemaking because it makes it less of a sin whiles rudeness is now as savage.

The Philosophy of Our Generation 

How wonderful is it to no that Pornography is now recognized as SEX EDUCATION? I am very sure by now you know Premarital sex is now the main prove of love.

Taking the life of another is now normal. Wives butchering husbands and children and vice versa.

Are we misinform by the concept of what grace is? Or it is our souls sold out for doom.

Virginity growing up was the most expensive womanhood. But now, it is cheaper than a plate of food.

It is unfortunate how easy it is to unlock the door between the leg of a woman than it is to gain access to her ATM pin, date of birth, or phone lock pattern. I am still uncertain what needs to be protected the most.

It is hard to see people abandon the good news of the Bible for news from bloggers with no degree.

This is the generation where people are ready to die for their political parties rather than the gospel.

The era where the youth pay more respect to the voice of celebrities than the voice of God’s ordained prophets.

New converts in their churches are perishing because we prefer following up and monitoring politics and social media hashtags and trends.

The Spirit in our Era 

This is the generation where ladies schedule for hips and boobs surgery while gents, for penis enlargement. Could this be the level of fornication spirit residing inside of us?

It even becomes more interesting when we are comfortable seeing men of god because dey refuses to bless same-sex marriages.

No matter how you chose to live your life, always remember there is a thing called death, there is a place called hell.

Our stories will surely be us to tell when the day comes.

Stay blessed.

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