The Writer: The Hands That Speaks The Heart And Mind

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The Writer” is my name because I love to write, probably to write about anything and everything including you and me. I am or maybe the worse grammarian you can find because I suck in English and constructing sentences is like hell loss.

Well about that, I don’t think it’s enough to keep the hands of the writer from holding its pen and its paper from receiving the ink from its pen. I may have failed most of my English test whiles growing up in school but the language of my pen, only I understand.

Writing about you and me, writing about business, writing about my thought and emotions, writing about the things that hurt and make me sick, writing about the thing that kills the very soul inside and everything there is, is what I do writing best.


A Great Writer


The Great Writer
The Great Writer

A great writer once said the best way to express your self is to write. So I asked the question, “Write what?” well the best answer to this question is to write about anything and everything.

Writing with my heart at the end of the day is the one thing that matters to me. What I need to write to make you and I stand out makes the best part of my day.

I have grown to understand that the one person in life who knows and understands you better than anyone is you and yourself. So I tell my paper the best and the worse part of my day and no matter how good or bad it may seem and look, it’s still me at the end of the day. And it feels good because you may never know who is smiling, who is laughing and who is pissed off because of your piece at the end of the day.

So this is why I write as “the writer”. It is a lifestyle.

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