The Seven Rule of Engagement: Creacting Real Relationships

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Engagement is an arrangement to meet or be present at a place. An example of engagement can be your presence in the church, at conferences, at a dinner, funerals, weddings, etc.

These places of engagement are represented with people from diverse fields and professions you may never know. It is always a good ground to meet these people. Create a relationship to make use of the opportunity it presents.

There is a popular Ghanaian proverb that says “It is under the funeral grounds of a passed individual, that people find their husbands and wives”.

This saying brings to mind what I call “THE OPPORTUNITY”. As we make use of the environment in which we find ourselves, create links. Create connections with people we meet ignites a relationship that can impact both lives positively.

These opportunities may not be there forever. Therefore make good use of them in sharing the right stories. The steps we take in creating these connections with people determines the kind of relationship we want to build through the opportunity window.


In this write-up, I give you 7 ways you can take advantage of opportunities to build real lasting relationships.

Identify the Occasion of Your Engagement

Identifying the occasion helps you to know the appropriate conversation to carry out. For instance, you don’t go to a funeral and expect to be treated as a guest in a five-star hotel and Vice-versa.

You should know the occasion is to sympathize and to moan with the bereaved. By introducing yourself and moaning with them is the first step to winning hearts.

Sacrifice a Little Today for a Bigger Tomorrow

This is giving up short term gains for a long-term relationship. Many times we seek instant results instead of looking at a long-term bigger picture.  And this has been the story of today’s youth.

This is easy to think that life is a one-way affair if you are on the gaining side. But the truth is, the very little things we invest in today can make us powerful beings tomorrow.

Locate people with potentials you can help. Locate a hidden trade or business the can make a headway tomorrow. Learn something new, that can be beneficial to you tomorrow. Pay a little price in any of these things and they shall come back to you big.

Be Open and Crafty with your Campaigns

Learn to be open and crafty, in reaching out to people. These people can be your clients, people in your business cycle or even friends. Open up sometimes and have fun with your messaging just to entertain the people around you as well as keeping them engaged. For instance, taking to social media something funny you have read or thought about. It will amaze you how this can make or probably save the day of someone in your cycle.

Remember as Little as Penny Matters

There is always someone out there who need a little touch or a helping hand. Your little penny in this case may be your time shared with people in need of it. For example, friends and loved ones who are bereaved, sick, heartbroken etc. Your penny can also be money for the needy or food for the hungry. Make use of holidays, or seasonal days special to you and touch lives.

Be Appreciative as Possible

People are defined by how they look (Physical Appearance), and also by how they react to situations and instances. Be mindful of what you do, after you receive either things in service, kind or cash. Let your actions and reactions speak positively in return. For who so ever much is given, much is expected. This can be your THANK YOU.

Give out to People What is Most Valuable

As much as giving is an act of kindness, some giving’s do not befit some occasions and moments. It should always be in your best interest to give others what you will have received. This can take days and months, but trust me it would be wealth it.

Use the Occasion of Your Engagement to be a Better Person

Every occasion and every engagement is a learning arena. It is a school of self-learning where you learn to modify your life. You can learn things like Public speaking, creating connections, dressing for different occasions, touching lives etc. Make these practices a part of you and your relationships will be real.

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