THE PROPOSAL: It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 6)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single Anyways. Mark laughing held me by the hand and pulled me upstanding. He hugged me and said he had to go. I didn’t want to let him so I held on to him so tight. He held my head and mentioned my name “Abby”, the moment our eyes met he kissed me passionately some much that I let go of him. He said again to me this is why I have to go because I love you.

“I have fallen in love with you Abby, and I came here today to tell you that”. I was speechless and still, I didn’t know what to say. This is what I have been waiting for all this while and yet all I could do was to stir at him. Don’t say anything Abby, just sleep over it ok, he said to me as he walked out of my room…

I stood there as I watched him walk out of my room with soo many mixed feelings from my inside. Did he just propose his love to me or it was just one of his Mr. gentle man’s behaviour. I have known Mark for months now and he will not take that risk of making a lady feel she has found love with him when he knows he is not interested.

The Maraton of the Heart

My heart was beating faster than normal and I didn’t know who to talk to. I quietly lay on my bed and closed my eyes. I heard my phone’s text tone so I quickly slide in to see who that was. It was Mark, he had finally gotten to his hostel and was just letting me know he had arrived.

I replied okay great and later told him I wasn’t feeling ok. I told him I couldn’t wrap my mind about everything that had happened, especially the part where he said he loved me. Talk to me, Mark.

He replied saying, Abby. I meant everything I said to you and did with you. If you may permit me I would like you to be my beloved (Girl Friend) think about it, dear. These were his words as he typed concluding his message wishing me a good night.

Just as I told you guys in episode one, when it comes to love I am green. Yes, I have received soo many “I love yous’” from guys. The thick and short. the thick and tall and the all in all, you name it. But I guess I was just not ready then.

This is different, I now understand why ladies cry and do silly things when they are in love or in a relationship. I use to laugh at them, telling them to grow up but here I am. Confused with mixed feelings over what I have really wanted all this while.

Mark really gets me and I don’t know what I would do if it wasn’t me he had chosen anyway. I manage to sleep that night with lovely pictures of the day and my time with him on autoplay.

Soon it was morning, I woke up so excited. I quickly picked my phone and texted Mark “Yes”. I didn’t know what I was supposed to say but I guessed “yes” was just fine.

The Proposal Response

Mark: Good morning darling… “Yes”?

Abena: Yes

Mark: Really,

Abena: Yes really Darling.

Mark: SMH what’s the yes really for Abby?

Abena: Mark, I love you. I have loved you from the very first day you knocked at my door. I don’t need to think about what I want. You are not in competition with anyone Mark. So yes, I love you too and it’s you I want to be with.

Mark: (smiling..)

Abena: I don’t know much when it comes to love and this relationship thing Mark. I hope you going to teach me.

Mark: You don’t need to be thought sweetheart; we shall figure it out together.

My Mum Was aware of Mark’s Proposal

I told Mark I would get back to him that my mom was calling. He said okay and smiled as he asked me to tell my mom “it was just as we discussed”.

I never really understood what Mark meant until I called my mom back and she happily congratulated me on for phone for finding a man like Mark. I was a bit surprised. Mark and my mom had actually been having quite a lot of conversations about me and our future.

Everything that Mark did was all preprogrammed with my mom and she said nothing all this while.

Mom: How did your day go yesterday with mark Darling…

Me: Everything is making sense to me now

Mom: What is making sense now.

Me: He asked me to tell you “it was just as you discussed”

Mom: He is just a smart guy sweetie. I know you’ve loved him for some time now. It’s a good thing to give your heart a chance to dine with someone.

Me: I’m surprised at you oo mom

Mom: You should sweetie you should have seen me when I was your age, Being single is a good thing sometimes oo

Me: Eii Obaa pa (the name I call my mom when we are in a very happy mood). What happened to the university change’s people fear nuu. Where did it all go?

Mom: Hmmm you see erh sweetie, if you have made it this far, you will surely figure the rest out.

Me: I’m glad we talking about this.

Mom: I know dear, but Mark is a good guy, take care of him. I pray you bring him home at the end of the day.

Me: I will do my best mom. I love you, mom. (As she drops the phone)

The Spell of Being Single is Finally Broken

I started smiling uncontrollably, so Mark really contacted my Mom about starting a relationship with me! Wow..

So I called Mark immediately;

Abena: Mark! Really …

Mark: What have I done darling (laughing)

Abena: You called Mom…

Mark: Oo really, did I? I don’t know ooo… when?

Abena: Mark you erh, if you see me run, I will surely skin you alive… (To be Continue)

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