(THE BROKEN PEN) “School Drama: For Girls”

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I’m a final year student in a tertiary institution, and I must say, that I’ve gotten myself into something very very bad, and I’m hoping you can help me.

In order to hide her identity, let’s assume her name is Serwaa. I’ve been crushing on Serwaa since my first year Many of my friends told me she was out of my league. Well, maybe they were right because I made my move in the second year and she bounced me.

How I Got Rejected And Became A Laughing Stock

“You’re a nice person but sorry, you’re not my type.” Every time I remember those words she said to me. I get a serious migraine! The rejection affected me pretty badly and made me go into depression. I became a laughing stock to my friends, who made fun of the fact that I had compiled an album of her photos in my phone’s gallery and yet said no to me.

I reached out to a friend of mine to help me get over this situation. “Bro, you can’t continue like this,” he said. “Your grades have dropped and you’ve lost weight. You need to forget about her, or you could put her under a love spell if you want.” He laughed.

The Idea of the Love Spell (For Girls)

That boy always found a way of passing silly comments whenever we were talking about something serious. But that thought though, silly kept lingering in my ears. “What if I had some sort of love spell and got her drooling over me?” AS crazy as it seemed, these thoughts kept popping up in my head and I just could not help but think it was a damn good idea.

I logged in to Instagram to wind down time one afternoon and found this ‘weird looking’ man of God who claims to help with a lot of needs especially love charms and money-related stuff. At this point, needed Serwaa’s affection more than money. I dropped a DM and after a short conversation, we moved to WhatsApp.

He arranged for me to come to his ‘sanctuary’ as he chooses to call it. His PA asked that I take off my shoes before entering. The main pastor wore an all-red attire with a white band around his head. He had white markings all around his body that I thought was weird. He asked that I bow to him before telling him my reason for the visit.

I explained everything to him and told him wanted my crush to fall at my feet and serve me as pleased. He said a couple of prayers and incantations and gave me a bucket of brown water to wash down. I took a quick shower in the church and afterwards, he gave me his magic powder to apply on my face every night before bedtime for three days.

“Just in case you’d want to reverse this charm, come back here. am the only one out of many who can do it for you. Anyone else will find it very hard to reverse it and it will cost you more money.” He said. I gave him some money of appreciation and left.

The Effect Of The Love Spell (For Girls)

I started seeing the signs when I saw Serwaa in class. Her face lit up when she saw me and immediately came to sit next to me. She was so submissive to me and kept staring at me the whole time. It felt uncomfortable, it felt really weird,

I started to feel embarrassed every time I was with her. She kept staring at me like a zombie and wasn’t aware of her surroundings. I asked for this but this was too much so I started to stay away from her. I realized she acted normal whenever I was not around. Her madness always sets in upon my appearance.

She would stop whatever she was doing just to come close to me and look at me with a smile: weird!. One day, she followed me all the way to my hostel and I had to confront her to leave because I really needed some space. She was heavily embarrassed! she became a laughing stock with time. Everyone soon knew her as the ‘lover girl’ on campus.

My Regrets: I Must Reverse This Spell (For Girls)

I had to do something about this, I had to reverse this, I was so sorry for my actions, I had bitten more than I could chew. I sat alone around our school park thinking to myself. So I decided to go back to the so-called pastor to reverse this charm. But to my amazement, I was told the pastor had been arrested after several reports from social media users who reached out to him for help.

I stood in front of the empty church and put my hands on my head, I am finished. I had to find a ‘juju’ man but I did not know any, or a trusted man of God, knowing well I had not attended any church in years, to reverse this.

My Father Figure

My senior lecturer and project supervisor summoned me to his house one Saturday afternoon. “Why have you not been attending class? You’ve missed two tests already and that is unlike you.” My supervisor, whose name I’ll like to withhold, is not only a lecturer to me but a father figure. As one of the best students in class, he liked me from the onset and has helped me ever since.

He was assigned to me as my supervisor for my final project, and I knew he was going to see me through to graduate from school. “I have done something very bad.” I started. I told him everything I had done but decided to withhold the lady’s name. He got so worried and immediately called his pastor for help.

One thing, I left the girl’s details out for the meantime. I sat in his chair as he made his calls. “These students of today will do anything just to get into a lady’s pants.” The voice from the other end of the line kept rubbing more salt to the wound. “There have been many trending stories these days on social media with young guys looking for quick solutions to make it in life. You’ve got to take good care of your daughter by the way.”

I Couldn’t Keep It Any Longer

Honestly, I had no idea he could know who I had done this to, until just moments after the call, heard a knock on the door. “Don’t worry, I’ll get it,” he told him. I stood up, opened the door and froze. Serwaa stood there smiling with her dad while mesmerized. “Oh let her come inside.

That’s my friend’s daughter.” He said. They had just come to pay a routine visit to my lecturer. Apparently, something they do every now and then cos of his close friendship with Serwaa’s dad. It was the longest 45 minutes of my life. I did all I could not to tell my lecturer in their presence the girl in question is Serwaa.

However, the moment they left, I went back inside and told him everything in plain words. He nearly broke down in tears. “Serwaa’s dad is the one that nominated you for the scholarship and he’s on the board! How could you be so stupid with your lack of self-awareness”? I had no idea from then on what was going to happen to me with regards to the scholarship.

He arranged and quickly took her to his pastor for deliverance, and guys, it took close to a month to completely have her liberated from the spell. We did all of this on the blind side of her dad just so I wouldn’t lose my scholarship. Well, that’s what we thought. One of Serwaa’s closest friends had already narrated everything to her dad.

I Knew I Was Doomed

My lecturer asked me to come over to his house one afternoon. I hurried there only to find Serwaa, her dad and the lecturer seated at his dining table. Awkward Silence Alert! Tears started dripping down my cheeks immediately as I knew I was doomed. The look in his eyes was like He wanted to skin me alive.

My lecturer however also seemed disappointed as he had received his share of the blame for trying to protect me.
Serwaa’s dad finally broke the silence. “Listen, young man, you are going to publicly apologize to me and my daughter. I don’t care how you do it. And reverse all claims she’s the “lover girl” she’s been known for.

You have an hour to do this and oh! For the scholarship, it’s all up to you now. I’ve washed my hands off you and any help I had intended to offer you to further your education”. Guys, there’s no way my parents can afford my tuition fees and entire stay abroad for my Masters and now my only hope is hanging by a thread.

I really need ways to make this man and the whole school believe in me again. I really cannot lose this lifetime opportunity.
How do I fix this broken pen?

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