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I’m in my late 20’s with a solid financial status both through short and long-term investments and working both with my dad and a few agencies. I have completed my master’s and living comfortably in Canada.

My Disability Can Not Limit Me

I moved from Ghana in my mid-period in high school. I was involved in a road traffic accident which led to an amputation below my knee.

My parents promised to make me successful at all cost. This is because disability can’t limit my dream. The main issue now is my mother wants me to settle down with a black woman. But growing up in the black community, most ladies always describe their type of men with certain characteristics. To the extent that some black relationships I’ve had were based on money, fun and the likes. And not the future and building generational wealth through Christ.

I Decided to Work Hard

So, I made a decision to work hard because my sector being the IT industry is booming. I plan on going for another surgery on my leg a few months before marriage. I have found one Godly, white lady who is God-fearing and loves me a lot and we hope to get married this year.

She understands my vision, my principles of being Christ-like. Such as giving, praying, going on missions etc. and even has ideas on some ventures for my investment.

My Mother’s Wish, My Broken Pen

We are not perfect tho but my mother said she can’t accept a white lady. Because my two siblings are married to white ladies and some of my friends are on the same route. I don’t want to love someone just to please my parents. I don’t mind spending my wealth with her but my experience with some black women has made me afraid to marry them.

How do I fix this, please?

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This story was inspired and originally published by Mx24gh and re-published by Decritics

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