THE BROKEN PEN: My Lost Womanhood

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Last month was my craziest month. I’m a form three student in a girls’ school in Cape Coast. I’m a very bright student, one of the most intelligent in my class, but I guess my intelligence did not manifest last month. Let me explain in detail how foolish I was losing womanhood. Now, this is my Broken Pen.

Bernard and I started dating just last August. He happens to be a 30-year-old businessman, who usually ships cars and sells them. I had always questioned his source of wealth though, considering the fact that he had people working for him who always sat behind their laptops at his place. Yet, he always convinced me he was a legit businessman who just deals in cars. His proposal got me so excited, I mean I was so proud to be dating a rich guy.

A week into our fresh relationship and Bernard kept insisting on us having sex. “Sweetheart, you’re not a kid anymore, you’re 18, and very mature to start having sex” – That’s what he always told me. I was scared as I had never indulged in any sexual intercourse. I stood my ground and refused, as I had made a vow to my mother never to have premarital sex.

My dad, unfortunately, did not stick around with us, with my mum getting pregnant at 18. So I have lived with a strong single mother all my life. I never planned on breaking that vow until my stupid self started getting swoon by Bernard’s persuasion. He kept on insisting we do it, else he would have it elsewhere.

I Lost My Womanhood to Him Because I Loved Him

Finally i agreed to do it with Bernard after his persuasiveness. I really loved him and did not want to lose him. We spoke lengthily on one and planned how we would go about it. I live at North Ridge while he resides at Tema; two separate worlds if you’d tell me. But we still made it happen: We planned to meet at the VIP station right after my mum sees me off.

So I gave my mom a goodbye hug and climbed the bus. I had already paid for the ticket and even given my bags to the conductors to place in the luggage compartment under the bus. I sat on my seat and watched my mom leave the vicinity. Seeing her leave I quickly got down and asked the conductors to give me back my bags for I had to rush back home.

After a few exchanges of words, and a tip, they agreed to remove my bags for me. Since I had no phone to communicate with him, I headed straight to the back of the station near the toilet, where he and l had agreed to meet up.

The Grand Escape Plan

There he was, looking fine, as usual, helped me with my bags, put them in the trunk of his car and we sped off, off to Tema. I was a bit timid and excited at the same time. I was supposed to report to school and yet look at me, lying to my mum and heading to Tema to sleepover at a guy’s, whom I had only met a few times.

He was my boyfriend though, so I trusted him. I shamefully but in a fun way, gave him my womanhood; my pride, my vow to my mother, it was all gone within a blink of an eye. But boy did I have fun! I had so much fun I honestly understand why we are always asked to abstain. It was really sweet and I enjoyed myself.

As for my mum, well am not allowed to have a phone on me in school, so I knew there was no way she was going to be in contact with me unless she comes over to the school. That thought alone gave me the freedom I needed to spend more time with my boyfriend.

Bernard decided to drive me to school after three nights of intense fun. We sat in his new unregistered 2020 Elantra, which he had just cleared from the port.

The Police Arrest

On our way, we were stopped by the police at the first toll booth on the Tema-Motorway. Bernard had not registered the car and I knew the moment he was pulled over, that we were going to be in some serious trouble.

“Calm down,” he said to me, as he realized I had started panicking. “I’ll just tip them, we’ll leave in no time.” One of the Policemen looked at me sternly for a while, then walked over to my side of the car, leaned on to my window, then asked, “what’s your name? And why are you in a school uniform?

The officer realized I had started shaking and immediately figured I was up to no good. I told him I was on my way to the VIP station, going to school with my big brother. He was not convinced though. “You’re Iying! You went to see your boyfriend. Little children of today, you won’t learn.”

He asked I call my mother in his presence with his phone, in order to be convinced I was indeed on my way to school with my brother. I started shaking but managed to tell him I did not know my mother’s number off-head.

But the situation got worse when Bernard was asked my mother’s name. Our conflicting answers gave us out, and ladies and gentlemen, that was when I knew that I was screwed.

We were escorted to the headquarters for questioning. I started sweating like a fish. Bernard however was reprimanded on several charges; money laundering, internet fraud, attempted bribery to the policemen, and some others. I had no one to call to release me.

My Lost Womanhood, My Broken Pen

The policemen decided to call my school to inform them of what had happened. The school however washed their hands off the case and promised punishment upon my arrival. The policemen then saw to it, that I was escorted to the VIP station and sent to school.

Ladies and gentlemen, the school authorities have been making me weed for some days now for reporting late to school. My mother, however, will soon be informed by the police. And to add more salt to injury, I realized I’m four weeks pregnant for a man who is in jail.

I can’t keep hiding this from the authorities. They say life comes at you real fast, how do I fix this broken pen?

Questions for discussion

  1. What will you do if you were in her shoes, Keep or abort the pregnancy?
  2. Would you tell the authorities as she is planning to?
  3. What will you do as her mother if the police call you to break this news to you?

This story was inspired and originally published by Mx24gh and re-published by Decritics

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