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I’m in a really troubling situation and I will need your counselors to help. I checked your account and I see you also publish the stories. Well I don’t mind but just ensure you take my name out.

Hopefully, someone else might be going through a similar experience and the advise will be of help.

This is my story, I am a 29 year old lady about to get married, we are almost done with the preparations and counseling. The truth is, our marriage had delayed because of funds.

I am the only child of my parents and my mother’s single wish was for me to have a befitting white wedding that will bring her joy and pride. Sadly she died of cancer last year. RIP mum. My husband and I to-be have struggled over the years with average earnings. ( I’m a teacher in a crèche and he works as an HR executive in a construction firm).

We both still live in our families’ houses. One of the reasons for the delay has also been sorting out our accommodation after we get married as rent in Accra is scary nowadays. My husband takes care of his 3 siblings who are in tertiary and high school which takes all his monthly income, basically making it impossible for us to save. But we’ve always been determined to live and enjoy each other forever. By any means possible.

I have this school mother who has been very supportive after she came down to Ghana somewhere in March for her sister’s wedding who was also my year mate. My school mother was an angel sent to answer my prayers as we had vowed to marry this year.

She basically started sending money to me when she went back and that helped hugely in our wedding preparations, ordered and paid for my gown and other key elements. She was basically the chief planner pulling all the strings for me and She added the hen party to the activities.

As she does each year, she came down first week of December, you know how Ghana rocks every December. So we planned the hen party the week after she came. She has also catered for the cost of the hen party and the engagement (as I’m told it’s the ladies’ cost).

She has bought one of these estate houses around Community 25 and was ever willing to give it out to us to live in after our wedding while we pay the rent in installments. The hen party that was planned for the 2nd weekend in December happened last Saturday.

I had my girlfriends come around and we had a pretty good time. My school mother made sure there were enough drinks and bites. I felt really proud when I saw the set up.

She mentioned earlier her reward for my hen night was a room she had booked for me at a hotel close to the venue. I liked it Cos I got to stay a bit away from town and the event was going to run late into the evening anyway. After the event, we went to the place as she had plans of changing her dress to go meet up with some friends in town.

I was very tired but as my norm, decided to shower before I sleep so I entered the shower. While i was in there, she joined me and we spoke and had good laughs from the event. She started jokingly touching and playing with my a** and b**bs.

Initially, I ignored her but I realized she seemed very coordinated in her touches. I was beginning to “feel” her touches and wanted to asked her to stop! But the more I tried the more I realized I was liking it. She started to use her mouth on my body including my boobs and neck as the water rolled down on my body.

I was ecstatic, she slowly controlled and walked me into the bed. What happened is something I want to erase from my memory. In some 5 minutes, I was all over the place ( hope you understand)? She asked me to do same to her but I told her I can’t, I felt bad, she went to shower, dressed up and left me.

I couldn’t sleep well the whole night. My mind was just wandering. My heart was skipping beats. I think I shouldn’t have taken so much alcohol.

I had the worst time at church the following morning, I was sitting there with so much guilt and had to sit in-front because that was the day we were being introduced to the church for our wedding in two weeks time. And my husband to-be is about to be ordained as an associate pastor as well. So we were quite known at church.

After church, I prayed and resolved to go see her and let her know I did that because of the alcohol we had. I wanted to clear my conscience and also correct this anomaly. But I was wrong, totally wrong, when I got to her place, she let me in but guess what, there was a topless guy in shorts seated in her sofa, I sat at the opposite side.

Obviously, there was a visitor so I could not open up but rather mentioned I came to thank her for the hen party and the gift. I think it created a wrong impression for her and rather made her think I liked what happened the previous night.

She started speaking to the gentlemen about how the night was and it was weird for me. Why would she even start such a convo with her boyfriend? I was wrong, this is another “Borga” who is down for Detty December!!!

They had actually just met when she was out yesterday after she left my place. Yes, just the first time after they had been talking on IG for a while. He went to sit by her and started fondling her.

It felt really awkward and just when I was about to ask to leave, she knelt in-front of him and started unzipping. I could sense she was drunk but this was way overboard so I reached for the door and went outside. I had heard a lot of what all this Detty December means but no, not this level, never.

From the porch, I could still see what was going on. People can put their mouth on strangers like that? To me, it was disgusting but I just wanted her to come back to normalcy so I leave. Why was I even waiting?

Now this is the crazy part, when they were done, she came out to join me and was trying to convince me to join them in the room. She had lost her mind, i felt, how could she even think of such an invitation, if for nothing, I’m getting married in 10 days.

I was getting angry but then I knew what role she had played in my wedding. I told her I cannot and even faked that my menses came this morning and so I can’t even come close, I felt my hands were tied, I wish I could slap the sense out of her, I wish I could just walk off on her and send her a stinker, but not now.

I love my husband and I need this wedding to be awesome just how my mum would have wanted it. Within 24 hours, my whole world looked gloomy, this was supposed to be an answered prayer, this was help from heaven at least that’s what I thought.

I have cried ever since I sat in the Uber to my house. She seems to think I’m over reacting. Can you imagine?

Today is Monday and she’s calling for us to speak and continue the preparations for the wedding like nothing happened. I am no more comfortable getting close to her, I am confused.

Should I tell my husband to-be all about what has happened? How will he react? ( he is a quick tempered guy) Will she back off and withdraw her support? And Ei the house to stay in after.. the house!

If I play along and we are done with the wedding, will she be coming at me? Will she blackmail me? My hands are shaking even as I type this as the reality now dawns on me… please help me with a counselor, and also for advice.

PS- please ensure my name does not appear and also I will close delete this account after the story has been posted. Hope that’s fine with you?

How Do I Fix My Broken Pen?

Thank you.


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This story was inspired and originally published by Mx24gh and re-published by Decritics


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