THE BROKEN PEN: “Do All Men Cheat?”

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“Quintessential.” That’s the word. That’s the word that describes my boyfriend; It means PERFECT, and that’s what he is. He’s been perfect ever since the day I met him at church, looking all so dapper in his kaftan.

How We Got Acquainted

He approached me and audaciously asked for my number in the most silly but flirtatious way, “I thought diamonds were the prettiest things on this Earth until I saw you just across my seat.” We both laughed and that was how we exchanged numbers and got acquainted.

He popped the question one morning when I woke up from bed and saw a text on my phone that read “look out the window baby!” There he was, standing next to a huge backdrop, with the inscription “You look so beautiful every morning.

How The Journey To Our Wedding Began

I would like to spend the rest of my mornings next to you, please say yes.” I thought it was the sweetest thing ever. I was in awe and cried that morning. That was how the journey to our wedding began. We set a date and had about eight months to plan.

I’m pretty sure you must be wondering where the broken pen comes in. Well, the thing is, I got scared at a point. You see, Nii is perfect and it scared me. He treated me like a queen, unlike all my stupid exes who always treated me like a trashcan on the side of a Chorkor bus stop.

He gave me the passcode to his phone and whenever I would look through, I would see nothing. The keys to his apartment and never did I meet any lady friend of his. He never scolded me, any time I was at fault for an argument, he would rather apologize.

Do All Men Cheat?

He occasionally got me flowers and reminded me how much he loves me and it started scaring me. I discussed it with my best friend, Amaki. “Girl, you’re just still awed by the fact that you’re dating such a great guy.

All our other friends aspire to have a guy like him.” She said. But I wasn’t okay. I needed to see a sign to make me believe he was human and not some angel. I did not want to believe he was not seeing any other lady the whole time.

“All your exes cheated on you but it does not mean all men cheat,” Amaki said. But I asked her to do something, something that was going to make me convinced that he’s actually perfect or not.

Seduce My Fiancé, I Want To Know If He Will Cheat

I asked Amaki to seduce my fiancé in an effort to see if he would give in to her whims. She initially refused, but I kept bugging her until she agreed. Amaki had a body to die for, one all our friends in our circle have envied, so I knew using her was going to be the best idea.

We made all arrangements and it was supposed to go down one Saturday night after Amaki was to tell Nii she needed his help with something.

She took him to her place, wore an attire that showed a lot of skin, and seduced him. I was wide awake waiting for feedback, I could not sleep the whole night. I could not help but think they were having sex. But interestingly, Amaki told me the following day that nothing happened.

She Lie To Me

“He rejected my advances and told me he loves you.” I sighed in relief and was totally convinced that my man’s actually perfect. Well, that’s what I thought, until a month before the wedding, I picked Amaki’s phone to snap. You know how Gen Z’s like to show off once we hang out with our girls.

Guess what?

She had saved nudes in her ‘Eyes Only’ section on her Snapchat. Amaki got Nii to create a Snapchat account with a dummy name, where they’d been exchanging nudes. I opened their chats on there and was amazed to find sexting conversations between them.

Apparently, they had sex that night and several times afterwards. It’s been going on behind my back all this I don’t know whether to call off the wedding or go ahead with it, the wedding’s in three weeks.

My Broken Pen

I mean, I was the same person thinking all men cheat and that my man could cheat and I would not be bothered, but here I am, dying on the inside, knowing very well my husband-to-be is sleeping with my best friend and it was by my very own doing. Do I even confront them? I’m so confused.

Dear Mx24, I saw last week’s story which was quite similar to mine and saw how a lot of people gave their honest advice and shared their thoughts.

Kindly help me send this story across so I can get some help.

How am I going to fix this broken pen?

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