THE BROKEN PEN: An Eye For An Eye?

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THE BROKEN PEN: An Eye For and Eye?

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I know I have a conscience so none of your followers should assume the “holier than thou” posture. I am just confused. Growing up in the church, I got to know vengeance is the Lord’s but I also know sometimes, God empowers us to take charge of our destiny.

I am at a point where I need sane minds to help me out, I was in university some 5 years ago from a humble home. I was an Arts student and was dating a lady who I must say was my first serious girlfriend.

It was a fruitful relationship and we even planned to get married after her completion (she was 2 years behind me). However, something happened that really hurt me and I lost interest in women and relationships.

In my final year, my girlfriend met a married man while ushering at an event. After the event, the man dropped her on campus – she told me. Subsequently, they kept in touch quite often. She said he had
even bought us meals.

My Girlfriend Kissed This Man In a Car

This made me uncomfortable but my girl assured me he was a good man. Fast forward to when I chanced on my girlfriend kissing this man in a car around the school library. I was devastated. That night, I confronted my girl in her hostel.

She denied it and said it was only a hug. I know what I saw, pressed further and wanted to know. I forcibly took her phone from her and checked their messages, I died. My head was spinning. There was clearly a lot of affection in their exchange.

They were even discussing a trip to Akosombo during the vacation before she goes home. What broke my heart, even more, was the fact that she was praising him for his performance in bed and how sexually satisfying he was.

I was amazed, shocked, I was shivering! I trusted this girl who had even introduced me to her mum. At the time this happened, I was preparing for my long essay defense. It was a wreck. She made efforts to get back together with me but the harm had already been done.

We Parted Ways And I Grieved

After several attempts, we parted ways and I grieved for long, I completed with a class I was not proud of. I was going to end with a strong 2nd upper but here I was with a second class lower.

This had a huge influence on my career as I was shortlisted to be a TA and subsequently get a scholarship to further my career and become a lecture. But it is what it is. I was posted to a bank for National Service and was taken on contract after.

Unfortunately, that bank was affected by the banking sector, cleaned up, and I was let go. I have been doing home tuition over the last two years to keep up while applying for other jobs.

Recently, I placed my poster for parents who needed home tuition for their kids. I got a call from a mother and went to meet her, she was very pleasant and basically offered me the job.

She Showers Men With Gifts

In a weird twist of events, her husband (whom I got to meet when he returned from an out of Ghana trip) was the very person who destroyed my on-campus relationship and messed up my potential marriage. My first instinct was to quit the tuition but I also realized the man could not make me out as we only interacted on very few occasions.

When I tried quitting, his wife gave me a pay raise instead as she thought it was a money conversation. Now here’s where my dilemma lies. His wife has began showing affection towards me. She showers men with gifts and even seeks my opinion on domestic matters. Even complains about her husband to me.

Last week, she proposed helping me further my education. I was happy but deep down I know where this is heading. I am mature and can sense when the lines are becoming blurred. She has become so comfortable that last time she was going to drop me, we passed by a lingerie shop and she got items and jokingly came to show me her new set of undies.

PAYBACK TIME “An Eye For An Eye”

From all messages and interactions, we might end up intimate soon as I usually will be home with her alone as we wait for the kids to close from school to come. She says I should take her as a godmother!

In principle, I would rather not engage but with what the man did to me, I’m also thinking, it’s PAYBACK TIME!!! Do I release the screenshots of his conversations with my ex that I had saved when I took my girl’s phone from that time or just move with the flow and have an affair with his wife and break his home?

Cos I think he has more to lose; doesn’t he? Help!

How am I going to fix this broken pen?

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This story was inspired and originally published by Mx24gh and re-published by Decritics

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