SPOKEN WORD: The Breadwinner

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The Breadwinner!
What is Bread and Who is a winner?
Who is a breadwinner?
What is a breadwinner’s function or what can a breadwinner do?
Where does the breadwinner go…

Secondly, why do breadwinners come and go
The breadwinner works hard, so who takes care of the breadwinner.
The Breadwinner never plays hard, so what makes the breadwinner feel like a winner.

Who is your breadwinner?

Does your breadwinner fertilize or do your breadwinner breastfeed?

Guess what!!

Bread – flour and yeast, and
Winner – hard work and success,

A breadwinner is a bit of both but more human, does that make sense!!….

Breadwinners don’t dance, breadwinner provides,
A Breadwinner brings life,
ABreadwinner goes to work, not by chance,
Breadwinners cannot stay but improvise,
Breadwinners fight the strife

So who is your breadwinner? Or
Can the breadwinner fly and not fall?
Do the breadwinner spitfire and bend steel?
Who takes care of the breadwinner when tears become the soup of life?

By the way, does the breadwinner smile or fake it, to the point,
Where an expression and an act become a fine line?
When does it all end, is it at the end of the day when all the light goes off, or
When the staff of bread falls to the grave?

Is it fair at all, that one breadwinner suffers all his/her  days and another excels even at rest,

I guess it takes a Breadwinner to know.

Spoken Word BY “CELESTIAL”

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