THE BORROWED HOUR: It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 9)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single AnywaysSome way somehow I was okay for a moment, my intuitions were right. So I said okay to him, located my position on the bed and I slept.

Surprisingly I didn’t know how I slept but it was one of the most peaceful nights until I open my eyes and saw Mark sitting and on a chair with his chin in his palm and stirring at me. He looked like he had not slept all night.

This was the time it got to me, as tears started rolling down my eyes. Where did I go wrong, I have done all there is to make him happy. We are not supposed to end this way.

There must be a reason and he must tell me. These were my thoughts as we stared at each other with tears in my eyes. I remembered for once the good man Mark is and the words of my mother when this relationship began, “If he is meant for you, he will stay”.

I began to smile as I stood up, I rubbed my hands in his hair and kissed him good morning as I do every morning when we spend our night together. What will you have for breakfast I asked Mark after brushing my teeth. He still had his eyes fixed on me still saying nothing.

I’m In Need OF a Borrowed Hour

I told him I will get him something anyway since he is not saying anything. I had him his usual morning coffee with fried egg and toasted tea bread. He loves this combination and I had grown to love this every morning, it taste nice and smell good.

We both shared one cup together as we do when we happen to take breakfast together. I changed the topic and cracked a few jokes as we both laughed. we had a nice time together like there was nothing going on.

I made sure he was in his right mind so I told myself I won’t bring up the topic again until his project defence was over. That was my priority and I did my best to be good by his side as a friend. I quizzed him on project defence as he presents it to me every evening for perfection.

I was dying inside of me knowing the end of what I was tagged with. What am I still doing here, I just didn’t know why I was with him at that moment. But someway somehow I just couldn’t move, I just could live him alone on campus.

I would cry my head out at night when he is asleep and when he is not around in the day. Maybe I have just become good at pretending everything is okay.

The Mother-Daughter Talk

I called my mom one late afternoon because I couldn’t bear it anymore and I needed someone to talk to.

Mum: Hey Obaa Pa, how are you doing?

Me: Mom I’m not good, I’m not fine at all,

Mum: What is wrong, Is it Mark? Is he cheating on you..

Me: Mom come on, Yes it’s about Mark, but you know he will never cheat. That is not his thing

Mom: So tell me what going on.

Me: There is something up with him and I have buried it deep inside for so long I can’t keep it inside anymore… (Crying)

Mom: Ok have you asked him..

Me: He is leaving me mom.. (Still crying), he is breaking up with me.

Mom: What? Why?…

Me: I wish I knew mom..

Mom: Did he tell you, or you are just assuming things

Me: Mom everything shows mom. I asked him a few nights ago if he was living me, but he froze and refuse to speak. He could sleep that night either, he stayed up all night.

Mom: Wow, he called me 3 days ago, he wasn’t well and I could tell. He told me he will be fine when I asked. He even told me to let you know he will always love you no matter what happens. I thought it was his usual romantic manliness so I didn’t take it seriously.

Me: He did… hmmm

Mom: Yes dear he did. Let me talk to him, I’m sure he will talk to me

Me: No mom please don’t, not now please.

Mom: But why?..

Me: He has his project defence in two days and I don’t want him to be distracted with anything.

Mom: Hmmm ok, if you say so. I will still ask him when he is done, cos I love this boy.

Me: Ok mom thanks so much. I love you…

My Borrowed Hour

I was okay, how good it was, telling my mom about everything. I returned that evening feeling so excited. It was a great feeling and Mark could tell. The vibe that evening was super amazing.

We spent that night like it was our last ever. We went through his presents over and over again and played like kids.

I stopped him when made an attempt to kiss me, oboi you have no idea how bad I needed that, hehehe. It’s been days, but I had something even better in my mind for him.

Looking at his disappointed face, I began to laugh at him (hehehe),

Mark: And why is she laughing.

Me: You should see the look on your face right now hehehe.

Mark: mmmh

Me: Osorfu Handsome boy…, so let’s play the game this way, you get one kiss per every outline you present perfectly without looking in your slide.

Mark: This is going to be so fun girl, just wait for me as I invite my Angels.

Me: It’s been a while I have seen them in action sweetie. I can’t wait to see them.

The night was nothing ever compared and I didn’t want it to end. The morning was soon here and another and soon Mark was in suit preparing for his presentation.

Project Defence Dee-day

I presume my magic worked. He nailed his presentation defence as he had a full house standing ovation. He kept looking at me smiling all time he was defending his thesis. This man might be out of his mind, I said to myself. I seriously want to get out there to give him a hug but I could. my lectures and almost everyone I shy was there.

Soon where were out and I knew the doom I have been waiting for could drop anytime soon. Am I really ready for it …. (To be continued)

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