The 360 Pages of Life: A Breaking Moment

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On every page, in chapters and in many episodes of our life, there is a breaking moment. A moment that makes us fall to the ground. The moment that makes us miserable. And a moment that makes every one of us question our own integrity and our spirituality.

Yes, we all face those calling moments in our lives.

These moments lead us to make the most difficult decision in life like having to put others first. Sometimes having to act stupid or out of place just to make a point.

I may not know what these breaking moments for everyone is in life, well that’s for sure. Such moments may be trying to put food on the table. Others may be from mistakes made in the past.

Some may be in such breaking moments because of the inability to stand and fight for one’s selves and what they believe in. For others, it’s just reality that has taken hold of them “#Mental slavery”.

Breaking moment

A breaking moment, the pain and struggles

Breaking moments and Struggles are indeed part of the human world and had to be faced one way or the other in life’s processes. It isn’t easy to find yourself in such a moment.

When these moments present themselves, the questions of how to survive it, where to get help, who to get help from is a matter of breakdown in itself.

We limit ourselves to specific people in such moments forgetting the fact that the abilities and capabilities of people in this world are not known unless they are put to test. Sometimes we all are just reluctant to put our backs to the ground to accept our wrongs with the hope of making things better to overcome such struggles and breaking moments.

We are masters of our own and that is one thing we have to acknowledge. We power our own lives and in most cases even fuel the situations that make us weak. And we have been doing this for years letting situations determine our life.

We control the day to day feelings of our lives. If we lack the ability to control that aspect of our lives, then we are just wondering preys waiting to be devoured by the world’s predators.


Indeed struggles and heartbreaking times are misery. When you ever find yourself there remember it’s part of a life puzzle.

Its outcome depends on you and how you deal with it.
There is a saying that “no situation is permanent” well, so they say. It’s your world, it’s your space and you are the final decision maker.

Have you ever been in a heartbreaking moment and will like to share, write to us through our email or through our contact page.

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