SPOKEN WORD: Single And Free

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Breakups in relationships can be scathing

But being single is soothing.

Single and free less stressing, Single….

and not searching

Single and if ever searching

then it should be power!

I mean money

Single and minding my business

If ever involved in anything then I should be developing myself

Nice and poetic right?

Those were meant for my ex

And my ex’s friends who monitor

Me on social media

They were my daily affirmations

that kept my emotions – Balanced

But on a real folks

I amgnash

Tell me who doesn’t want those breathtaking vibes from somebody’s child that can give you an ever-interesting sleep

  • Good night messages
  • xoxo kisses and hugs emojis

Are automatic stress-free therapy

The Good morning love texts

The intermittent daily checkups are – anti-depression dose

You are the world’s most awesome person

The – cutest thing ever created

Two of your kind will make this earth a paradise

Those little lies -I know, but regardless can boost your self-esteem and level of confidence

Tell me who doesn’t want to do things with someone’s child,

Couple goals –

Daily hangouts

Sharing good and bad moods to -gether finding and sharing ideas For -ever

I want to experience them again

It’s almost valentine and I’m still single

Not free but anxious,

Anxious because I.. left my heart opened for days

And it’s still empty

In its cage ?

@whinnayentem1 Happy Valentine’s Day In advanced dear singles?#fyp #spokenpoetry #foryou #my ♬ original sound – Whinna Yentem

Spoken Word Written and Performed BY Whinna Yentem

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