SPOKEN WORD: Oh Humanity, Ah My Christianity

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My humanity is not my Christianity
Put my Christianity is my humanity and evermore,

Not a fairytale or folklore,
Simply, the good life.

A generous disposition cannot be compared to the faculties of the good life,
It is not about the quality or rarity, even the comparison to deity, no,

It is the difference between the quality of being humane and having access to a higher life, where,
Good is everything is good,
Good is automatic,
Good is nature and not an ability,
Good is life,
Good is air,
Good is peace,
Good is day,
Good is love.

Good is night,

This is the Presentation of life,
I am to exceed unto perfection.

I move from having a bad day, to having a good “good”,”
Everything transliterating to good,
Oh humanity can you imagine.

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