SPOKEN WORD: I Only Have One

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Life, I only have one
My truth I only have one,

The truth, there are many truths, but the mouth to speak it, I only have one.
A heart that pumps bloods and beats to the rythm of life,

That, I only have one,
Everyday when I wake up and I move forward, I only have one leg in front,
Of the other, one step at a time.

In this life,as I fall in love, I only have one love of my life,
That I will never forget,

If I am in a terrible situation,

Stuck in between life and death, hoping for tomorrow, then I have guess,
I only have one life to live,

If there was my day to change,
My whole life with only an encounter,

At the cross roads of destiny and chance,
Then the deciding factor that matters will be choice.

If I had more of it, that,
Would be the broadway to my heaven’s gate,

But since it is my needle with an eye,
I only have one.

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