SPOKEN WORD: Ghana At 65

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Part One

65 years ago, a land was freed from a parasite like a dog freed from blood-sucking ticks.

You can call them the oppressors, the colonial masters but I prefer, ticks! the blood-sucking creatures, but of little benefits.

Growing up I used to ask questions, like why didn’t Ghana delay independence so we could be developed like South Africa.

Why did Nkrumah rush things?

Could it be for a parochial interest that has been hidden from us?

Merits and demerits, I guess, I was young and naive miniature mind, maybe..

@whinnayentem1 Happy independence to mother Ghana #spokenpoetry #ghanatiktok #fyp #makemefameous ♬ original sound – Whinna Yentem

Part Two

Dr Kwame Nkrumah, a  rare gem of Africa, like a dog being washed with acaracide to get rid of ticks so did Nkrumah trash out the whites and gave us independence.

But unfortunately for mather Ghana, her own offspring picked up the ectoparasite with pride,
And is ever ready to drain every bit of blood from their own motherland.

ooh!! wow..

Power really corrupts absolutely..

Since from the day of independence till date, we can’t say we have retrogressed no

But we behave like a child who throws tantrums in public when the mother tells him the crux of the matter at hand and then begs for a shoulder to lean on when things get hard.

We shout independence publicly with the infamous better Ghana agenda, Ghana beyond aid etc…

nice and daring initiative, but we beg support from the whites again and again and again, not because we can’t possibly manage the little,

but again power corrupts absolutely…

Our dept stock as a country keeps going up like bats released from a broken hell yet today  we will parade in the scorching sun again to remind our colonial masters of our independence jokes

Ooh wait don’t come at me my words ain’t messy, Ghana is a mess and needs to be fixed.

I stand to be corrected

Could there ever be a clear developmental plan for each tenure of office as a country by which every politician would follow? instead of their manifestos which only sayth what the people want to hear and not what will possibly be done.

can I one day get up as a citizen of the country and hear a politician read a manifesto as “when I done with the unfinished plans and projects of my predecessor, I will”

Mother Ghana wants a political era where all come together to execute a developmental plan and afterwards, spill back to the opposition.

Intelligent heads from all the political parties working together is what Nkrumah Ghana wants.

So that Ghana can be truly free forever.

@whinnayentem1 #spokenpoetry #ghanatiktok #fyp #makemefameous #words ♬ original sound – Whinna Yentem

Spoken Word Written and Performed BY Whinna Yentem

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