Two Reasons Why Women Make You Chase Them

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Have you ever thought about why most women make men chase them? Funny Right? Don’t you think there is something you might be missing out on?

Don’t worry, in this article, I am going to share with you the two most important reasons why women make you chase them.

Let’s dive right in.

1. She Probably Is Not That Into You

She Is Not Into You
She Is Not Into You

When a woman is really into you and of course she doesn’t like hanging out with you. Depending on a woman’s age. With her level of experience and stuff like that, she will be more than willing not to drag things out. Just because of the thrill, she may feel about being chased.

When a woman really likes you, it’s quite easy to see. It will show in her speech in her availability and her body language and things that she does when you are around.

However, if you’re the one who seems to always be doing the chasing, then you’re in trouble. This is because she is mostly not into you. She probably has multiple suitors and you are not at the top of her list. She would want you to work a little harder to win her heart or you make yourself a generous decision and take you fast L.

2. Because Of Bad Experiences with other Male Gender

Bad Experiences with other Man Gender
Bad Experiences with other Male Gender

A woman may make you do the chasing because she is probably not feeling safe with you. Because she may have had some really bad experiences with another male gender. So, she has all these barricades and walls up in a way to sort of protecting her heart.

Such a woman will let you actually work really hard to win her affection over. She feels that the more a man is willing to work for her affection and her attention, the more dedicated he will be. This usually is not the case because there are men who just chase women for the thrill and not necessarily because they want to take women seriously. I guess my guys are with me on this one.


In conclusion, all other reasons that a woman may make a guy chase her are factored into two. The fact that she is not into you or because of terrible experiences with another male gender. The latter, sometimes just want to be sure you’re actually who you say you are. You should do well to understand the situation when you find yourself chasing a woman to make a befitting decision.

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