(Part 1) POOR ME: It Wasn’t Because i Was Beautiful

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Everybody tells me I am a very beautiful lady. I can’t dispute the fact that indeed I am. This is because I’ve realized that people can’t get enough of my looks wherever I go, both the men and women.

My smooth, soft and spotless skin catches the attention of their eyes. My curvy body shape will make you look twice notwithstanding my infectious smile. This will draw you closer to me and when you are closer, my calm and warmly nature will make you stick glued to me. But there is a little problem.

The Beauty And Curves Wasn’t Everything

Above all the beauty in looks and body curves, I’ve never had a stable relationship, or say a serious relationship. All the relationships I have been in end in premium tears.

I thought there was something wrong with me. I mean who wouldn’t want to be with a beautiful lovely girl like me, well, that’s what they all say when they get to know me but end up leaving.

What am I not doing right? And what have I not done to save and keep a relationship? I’ve cooked, I’ve washed, I’ve even done sleepovers with housewife duties more than it’s required of a married woman but they still left in the end.

The Price I Paid Trying to Keep a Man

Maybe I’m boring in bed or lack the skills to treat a man right. What am I missing, is the question I ask myself each time i watch them walk out of the door and out of my life for good.

I have watched porn movies and bedroom educative programs, learnt from them to the extent of even trading out my pride as a woman (virginity) but still couldn’t keep a man.

I Have been Lied To, It Wasnt Because I’m Beautiful

It Wasnt Because I'm Beautiful
It Wasn’t Because I’m Beautiful

So I decided to take a break and analyze my life very well. I met several men, went on dates, had lots of fun but still said no to all of them. I was just having fun getting to know myself better with no intention of entering a relationship.

But it was there in these times I realized something along the line. All these men coming my way were either married and lied about it or were in serious relationships and lied about it.

One way or the other, I found out every single man that showed interest in me, lied about some thing to get to me. It was not about the soft smooth skin, nor was it about the outstanding body curves.

Oo Poor me. (To Be Continued)

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