SPOKEN WORD: Nature, It’s Principles – Mankind, It’s Fallibles

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For every principle that nature uses,
Mechanisms that utilize them, the same also goes for human lives and

They always come by and pass, past,
Functioning to last, trust,
Trust the system,
The principles, they are all around us, they are in the air…
They push and pull,
They rub against each other,
They cause the move and the groove,
They guard against danger…

Nature protects its own or so they say…
See, nature has zero-tolerance for imbalance..for example
With animals, predators should never be more than the prey…
Lions are few and deers are many…

With plants, mighty trees make up a forest however, without pioneer species such as fern and the likes, there can be no vegetation,
Fungi are harmful and dangerous yet mushrooms are edible fungi.

There is something about these principles that exist, in everything that takes on a material matter,
We human beings are full of the mistakes we forget we make

We create from distractions, we kill and in it thrills,
With spills on the land,
With sorrows we fill, fills,

Animals against animosity, mankind induces ferocity,


Spoken Word BY “CELESTIAL”

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