Napoleon Hill: Ten Motivational Words for Personal Success

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Napoleon Hill, born on October 26, 1883, and lived until November 8, 1970. He was an American self-help author. Napoleon Hill is considered to have influenced more people into success than any other person in history. He has been perhaps the most influential man in the area of personal success technique development, primarily through his classic book Think and Grow Rich which has helped millions of people and has been important in the life of many successful people such as W. Clement Stone and Og Mandino.

Below are ten words to motivate and inspire you in building your life successfully.

  1. “All you are or ever shall become is the result of the use to which you put your mind.”
  2. “No man has a chance to enjoy permanent success until he begins to look in a mirror for the real cause of all his mistakes.”
  3. “Success comes to those who become success conscious.”
  4. “There are no limitations to the mind except those we acknowledge, both poverty and riches are the offspring of thought.”
  5. “Most great people have achieved their greatest success just one step beyond their greatest failure.”
  6. “Any idea, plan, or purpose may be placed in the mind through repetition of thought.”
  7. “Our minds become magnetized with the dominating thoughts we hold in our minds and these magnets attract to us the forces, the people, the circumstances of life which harmonize with the nature of our dominating thoughts.”
  8. “When your desires are strong enough, you will appear to possess superhuman powers to achieve.”
  9. “The starting point of all achievement is desire. Keep this constantly in mind. Weak desires bring weak results, just as a small fire makes a small amount of heat.
  10. “A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

May these words impact your life and thinking successfully. You can also grab a copy of his classic book Think and Grow Rich which has helped millions of people if you don’t have one.

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