MY LOVELIFE: It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 7)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single Anyways. I never really understood what Mark meant until I called my mom back and happily congratulated me on for phone for finding a man like Mark. I was a bit surprised. Mark and my mom had actually been having quite a lot of conversations about me and our future.

Everything that Mark did was all preprogrammed by my mom and she said nothing.

Abena: You called Mom…

Mark: Oo really, did I? I didn’t know ooo… when?

Abena: Mark you erh, if you see me run, I will surely skin you alive

Finding Out What Lovers do with their Lovelife

Life has its own ways of getting to you, and you must have your way around it. Me being with Mark attracted a lot of attention on campus. Well, who cares? There are but just a few people who can do what Mark did, even I, couldn’t gather the courage to tell my mom about Marks intention of starting a relationship with me. But he did.

I told myself after I had spoken to Mark on the phone that I wasn’t going to go out. The truth is I just wanted to have the day to myself all alone. I was happy and scared, I didn’t know what to do or what to expect after I had said ‘yes. the best way I thought of hiding myself from the world.

I read a series of articles that morning just to better understand what I have gotten myself into, looking for answers to questions like;

  • What is next at I have said yes to a guy?
  • What do girls do in a relationship?
  • How to make a relationship work?
  • The thin line between marriage and relationship
  • Sex vs Marriage

My Lovelife Journey With Mark

I loved Mark and there are no two ways about that. But I feared we will get to the place where I may need to provide sex to keep him. I had vowed to keep myself pure from sexual sin and I feared I may have to break that promise along the way.

He is a man of God, yes. But then he is first a man and that does not make him less or more of a superior being than other men. He also has fears and feelings he battles day in day out.

Most of the articles I read suggested sex must be considered along the line. So I did the one thing I did best, to pray. I spent time praying that my feeling doesn’t weary and that my heart falls not into sin. “If it is your will for me God that Mark and I must be so let it be Lord” that was my prayer.

Mark and I figured ourselves out as the days goes by, and we became the best of friends. He helped me out, even more, this time that we were together than he used to. I grew better academically because he insisted I complete with a first-class. My spiritual life took a drastic turn. It was visible, everything around me has changed, and I became more mature as a lady and more shaper in spiritual things (Religiously).

It’s a Year and We are Still Standing Strong

A year passed and we still standing stronger and powerful. The two ministries he handled flourished even more. I was named in my denomination the Assisting president, where I did preach from time to time and held prayer sessions with a few as the need arise. And Mark stood by me all the time. He taught me everything I needed to know and even prophesied about my church position.

In all this,  there were not even ones he tried to have his way with me. We had grown soo used to each other in a way that talking about things wasn’t an issue. So I tried to heckle him on one of my premenstrual mood swings.

Me: Man of God, I think I am horny

Mark: Ok, What can I do to help, Woman of God

Me: If you will get closer, and lock me up with your lips, I believe that will be a good start.

Mark: You know I’m expensive right, I don’t come cheap

Me: Name your price darling. ( as laughed as each other)

We had a solid and passionate locking moment with our body and lips, but he would never drop the pants. I guess I fell in love with a man who had the same spiritual agenda as myself.

Little did I know it was just a matter of time my love sorry comes to an end. This cannot be happening, Mark. You can do this to me…. To be continued

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