It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 4)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single Anyways. “If  personality as described is true, then I wouldn’t be complete without the singing ministry. Yes, I am an my ordained minister of songs. And this was one thing Mark liked most about me. If you are very religious, then at this stage you would know the prophetic ministry moves well with the singing ministry. But Mark didn’t have that. He didn’t have someone to minister songs for him when he is ministering. So I dedicated myself to being his minstrel.”

Hours became days and days became months and so did our friendship. I fell in love with Mark more every passing day. Apparently, my mom loves him more than I thought I did. Mark had been the prophet my family has been waiting for years for our deliverance.

He knew my situation and family issues, he prayed and believed God with me that my family will come out from bondage and be free. God being so good six months after my encounter with Mark everything in my family began to fall in place. My mother’s health was restored, her business began to flourish and life for my family began to make sense again after many years.

It wasn’t for long when everyone around us started expecting a relationship from us. We had become inseparable. You will basically see us everywhere together. Unlike other young men of God on campus who wouldn’t wait to be introduced, Mark didn’t even want to be noticed, and that is what I admire more about him more.

Mark Surprised Me One Afternoon

Mark called me one Thursday late afternoon asking for my whereabout. I told him I was in my hostel just having some me time. Before he could say okay, I heard a knock on my door. I told him to hold as I check who was knocking on my door.

OMG, really Mark. This was Mark at the door with his handsome face staring at me. This guy just got it all, I said to myself as he walked in.

Abena: Man of God, what are you doing here carrying this polybag?

Mark: Groceries

Abena: Groceries?

Mark: Yes, Groceries. I’m cooking for you today?

What Is Mark Up To

OMG really.. he told me to sit and get myself some movies from his laptop whiles he did his thing.

Mark is not a boring guy to be with at all. He always has his ways around people that make them feel very special and important. I laid on my bed as I pretended to be watching a movie. I just couldn’t believe he was actually doing this, and not anywhere else but in my hostel.

Initially, I thought it was probably my birthday and I had forgotten again. Well, I have not been a fan of birthdays so that wouldn’t have been wired anyways. I crossed all the days on my calendar in my head but I couldn’t find a single day that was worth celebrating.

What is this man up to? I asked myself as I watch him ham and dance to an unknown song through my window.

He Swift Me Off My Feet With His Dance Moves

The aroma from the balcony was making me hungry already. Mark is a good cook, he cooks a lot more food than the average man I can say. He realized I was at the window so he came in the room. To my surprise he held my hand and placed his right palm in my left and his left, he coiled around my waist. We both moved along with the salsa tune coming from the movie.

Mark: You move well

Abena: Mmm, I bet the Holy Ghost is on a short commercial break today.

Mark: He shall surely return soon (Laughing). But girl I didn’t know you dance salsa.

Abena: I didn’t know you dance at all.

Mark: Really, come on everyone dances someway somehow.

Abena: well yes, but not men of God.

Mark: Seriously?

Abena: Yea. It looks like the only dance created by God for pastors is the left and right moves accompanied by the clapping of hands (hahaha)

My Body Began to Vibrate With Goosebumps

We both happily laughed out loud like we had nothing to worry about. I got caught up in the moment and not knowing what to do I laid my head on his chest and held him tight with my right hand. He released my left hand which gave me a better rap around him as I hugged him tighter.

My body began to vibrate with goosebumps all around me as he rubbed and tap my back. The last time I held any man so tight this way was on my ninth birthday when my dad surprises me.

This was where he whispered into my ears.., what? OMG Mark!!!….( To be continued )

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