It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 3)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single Anyways. “I never knew how fast time had taken flight until Mark called to remind me of the meeting. Wow-what a gentleman you are, I said to him. I quickly dressed up and went to the meeting grounds.

He was right it wasn’t a church. I could see people from other denominations here too. Not long the meeting began with worship and then moved in the direction of prayer which was led by Mark himself. The young man had got it all. What a prayer warrior, I said to myself.

Just when I thought I had seen it all, the meeting took a quick turn into a prophetic deliverance service. Mark led by the spirit calls out to me and ministered to me. He told me about deep spiritual things surrounding the death of my father and the various attack by evil forces in my family. He also told me about how my mother has been battling with her health to the point of almost losing her life sometimes.

These were deep things I knew very little about. My mom and I with just a few men of God around us did share the little I knew in secret. Mark is indeed a wonder. He prayed for me and told me God will restore my family.

I called my mom that evening after fellowship to tell him all about Mark and the wonders that had happened. She encouraged me to get closer to his ministry because our family needs the voice of a prophet to speak on our behalf.

The Decision To Join Mark’s Church

I am a Pentecostal, but that night I took a decision to fellowship with his church. I was moved by his ministry and how selfless a man he was. So I visited his church the following day which happened to be another powerful service. After service, he approached me and asked me what I was doing in his church,

Mark: I thought you are a Pentecostal

Abena: Yes I am

Mark: What are you doing in my church then

Abena: I believe it’s no crime making a switch (I smiled).

Abena: It’s been a long decision to make but I think I’m joining your church.

The Teaching Of Spiritual Things by Mark

I need this oil and anointing of yours in and around me. Mark smile and told me to sit, as he began to teach me about spiritual connections. He told me I don’t need to be in his church to be connected to him. He told me about men who are likely to take offence in my living, and he was right.

Almost all my educational expenses are paid by elders and pastors or my church. Knowing Mark from what I have witnessed him do in the two services of his I have attended, I believed him.

I toke Mark as my spiritual father on campus, I was almost always found around him when I wasn’t in class. He became my friend and father of a kind. I loved him, yes I did and he was single, which even made it perfect.

If my personality as described is true, then I wouldn’t be complete without the single ministry. Yes, I am an ordained minister of songs. And this was one thing Mark liked most about me. If you are very religious, then at this stage you would know the prophetic ministry moves well with the singing ministry. But Mark didn’t have that. He didn’t have someone to minister songs for him when he is ministering. So I dedicated myself to being his minstrel. To be continued )


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