It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 2)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single Anyways. “It was Saturday mid-noon whiles I was having my “me-time” with one of the novels I brought from home, I heard a knock on my door. I quickly moved to the door to check who is it was.

Oh my God… (I got lost in taught and visions as I stood before him with a surprised gazing face)” 

Lost In My Thoughts

Oh my God, tell me this is a joke. Ooh wait is that a bible in his hand? Is he a pastor? how could he be a pastor? I was lost in taught and visions as I stood before him with a surprised gazing face.

He had apparently introduced himself and his colleague and their mission for knocking on my door but I did hear.

Mark realized I wasn’t myself so he gently tapped me and said to me. “We are sorry for knocking on your door at this time. We can see you are a bit engaged, we will come back some other time when you are less engaged.” It was at this point I realized he came with a colleague.

So I quickly put myself together to receive them into my room. I didn’t have much in my room to talk about but I was ok with what I had. I offered them water,  seeing the sweat on their faces I could tell water would help at that moment.

Abena: Sorry I don’t have a fridge but I hope this will do I said.

I Apologized For Staring Earlier

After they had settled I apologized for staring at him earlier. He introduced himself as Mark from one of the non-denominational fellowship groups on campus. He was also a president of a campus church and he was accompanied by Esther, the fellowship group organizer.

I was amazed how a gentile young and handsome looking like Mark could take such a mantle and call to run with, even as a student. He must have a lot of ladies buzzing him here and there already. This was my very first to have a swift in focus ever since my dad passed.

I have never really paid attention to men, this was the first, I couldn’t tell what was happening to me. But I just wanted to get to know Mark more.

Mark and Esther shared with me the word of God. They prayed with me and invite me to their meeting that evening at 6 pm as we exchanged contacts. I couldn’t wait to be in that meeting. Even though I wanted to see Mark again and what he does, I loved to pray and be in the gathering of believers.

Imagining What a Man Mark Could Be

After they had left, all I could do was imagine what a man Mark could be. I just so much wanted to know the kind of man he is. I have had a thing for guys in ministerial positions though but I have never really focused my attention on them. Mark must be an exception as I spoke to myself.

I never knew how fast time had taken flight until Mark called to remind me of the meeting. Wow-what a gentleman you are, I said to him. I quickly dressed up and went to the meeting grounds.

He was right it wasn’t a church. I could see people from other denominational here too. Not long the meeting began with worship and then moved in the direction of prayer which was led by Mark himself. The young man had got it all. What a prayer warrior, I said to myself.

Just when I thought I had seen it all,…. ( To be continued )


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