It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 1)

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It’s been a long time coming when I look back sometimes and playback the scenes. The scenes of how I pray to keep the one man I loved, but still lost him anyway. It’s been hard to fall in love again no matter how hard I try. Well, maybe it’s better to be single anyway.

In the beginning it was not so with me. Especially when it comes to this thing called love and the drama surrounding it. Don’t get me wrong cos I have always loved love stories and hope that maybe one day will be my turn.

I didn’t know how this game of love was played and I guess I wasn’t even ready to learn. But how did I get here, well let me first start by telling you about myself.

Let Me Tell You About Myself Being Single

I am Abena, a graduate of one of the renowned universities in Ghana with first-class honours. I am 27 years of age, a successful entrepreneur and single. “27, and still single? She might not be too good looking”.

Well, you may never find it if you end here, but none of my descriptions really mattered to me.

My dad passed when I was 9. Being raised by a single mom with 3 girls, was my inspiration to success. As young as I was and seeing my mother fight battles for two all by herself broke my heart every time. So I vowed to do better in everything to become a great woman who can take care of her mom one day. Now, this was the pain that gave birth to my first-class honours.

One greatest gift she made available for us was how to be Christ-like as a Christian. Prayer was my hobby and my bible was my friend. I had limited friends because most people felt I was anti sociable.

Got Accepted In The University

I had goose bombs one Wednesday afternoon. We all did when I had a message from the university telling me I have gained admission to offer a degree in Business Management.  As much as the going was a challenge for me financially, my mom together with other family sympathizers and friends made it possible.

My mom prayed for me the on eve of my departure to school as she advised me. She was worried I could tell cos I know my mom. I listened as she talked to me about the stories she had heard of how universities change the lives of young and smart people like me.

Well, the truth of the matter is, I was also worried. I was worried about her cos I was living with her for the very first. I was worried about myself even more because I was scared. Scared of everything, living alone, thinking alone and having to make decisions alone all by myself.

My First Two-Weeks In The University

Finally, I  got to school. The environment was so new, so different and so harmless. Little did I know it would be a story to tell today. The first two weeks of my stay at the university, I did my registration and finalized myself with the school’s environment.

I tried mind minding my own business, but in two weeks the pressure from my male species was so unbearable that I had to confine myself in my room till lectures start.

Well, if you are still imaging the kind of person I might be, I am a chocolate skin girl with a melanin touch that sparks in the lights. Big brown eyes, well-sized nose with small, soft and dripping lips not forgetting my magic dimples. I’m the perfect body with sized hip and butts that causes stair on the streets.

Me Catching Feelings After Being Single For a Long time

It was Saturday mid-noon whiles I was having my “me-time” with one of the novels I brought from home, I heard a knock on my door. I quickly moved to the door to check who is it was.

Oh my God… (I got lost in taught and visions as I stood before him with a surprised gazing face)


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