IT WAS OVER: It’s Better Being Single Anyways (Episode 8)

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In the previous episode, It’s Better Being Single AnywaysWe had a solid and passionate locking moment with our body and lips, but he would never drop the pants. I guess I fell in love with a man who had the same spiritual agenda as myself.

Little did I know it was just a matter of time my love sorry comes to an end. This cannot be happening, Mark. You can do this to me….

Before It Was Over It Was Beautiful

Our story was a beautiful one to talk home about. We had moments where we felt we need to cross the line sexually. But I believe the decision we took from the beginning was indeed a firm one.

Mark was the ministry lover boy and, I was the lover girl. We did everything together and built strong standing nondenominational ministries. Our relationship became the topic for days at a point.

People wanted their relationship to be like ours, was it that obvious? Well, we help and as many that came by for help. We even held relationship talks for groups and churches on campus.

Mark was always against that since we were not married, but in most cases, he was put in a tough spot.

The Begining of This Fall Apart

I was peacefully enjoying my ride in a relationship not knowing what lies before me until I met my doom. I couldn’t believe it at first but here we were. I was drowning in my own emotions and I couldn’t do anything about it.

It all started when Mark was about to complete his first degree. That was level 400 during the vacation of the second semester. We always stay back for a week or two during the vacation before going home.

But this time it was different, It was his last semester on campus and I wanted to spend quality time with him. I was helping him out with his thesis and that was all I was focused on, but I notice something strange.

My Mark was quite distant from me, he would talk less with me and in most cases spend long hours on campus without me just to have time for himself.

Something Wasn’t Right

He started spending less time in prayers with me, and our prayer topic even changed. We start praying general prayers than our specific self-centred prayers we do especially during vacations.

So I wondered if everything was ok, but he wouldn’t say anything to me too. Mark was drifting out of the relationship and I could feel it. I prayed and prayed every night but the more I prayed the more it felt real that he was leaving for good.

I couldn’t bear it anymore so I approached him. It was a week before his final presentation and submission of his thesis. I knew he was busy but I just couldn’t take it anymore.

Me: Mark I need to talk to you…

Mark: Ok, darling what’s up?

Me: I believe I should be the one asking that question…

Mark: What question?

Me: What’s up? What’s up with you Mark? What’s up with us?

Mark: Why these questions this evening sweetie, is everything ok?

Me: You tell me, Prophet, cos everything is not ok.

Mark was quiet at this time, he stop working on his laptop as he closed it pushed it to the side of the bed. He knew at this point I wasn’t joking and I was in need of answers. I could tell things were really not right with him and he feared to speak.

Me: Mark please talk to me, just say something, are you leaving me….

It Was Over And I Knew it

At this point, I realized the visions were clear as he bowed his head and stood up. He couldn’t look at me so turn his back at me as he looked outside through the window.

I just knew at this point our relationship was over. He stood there for over 5 minutes and he said to me “can we not do this now”.

Some way somehow I was okay for a moment, my intuitions were right. So I said okay to him, located my position on the bed and I slept.

Surprisingly I didn’t know how I slept but it was one of the most peaceful nights until I open my eyes and saw Mark sitting and on a chair with his chin in his palm and stirring at me. He looked like he had not slept all night.

This was the time it got to me, as tears started rolling down my eyes… (To be continued)

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