How to Speed Text On Social Media Platforms

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Do you know that social media platforms are the easiest and fastest ways and forms of communication in our current world today?

It is classified as the best mode of communication because it comes with platforms that support virtually everything. These Platforms even have the ability to express human feelings from one to the other.

The Facebook’s, Twitter, Whatsapp, Telegram, Instagram are just a few of the social media platforms that rule our world today. These platforms have increased typing and texting speed. And has blended short-hand writing and the old forgotten way of sending messages across “the Telegram”.

This was the era where abbreviations were used to represent words and sentences to reduce the cost of sending and save time.

If your friends hate texting with you, it most probably you lack speed texting. Below are a few most commonly used abbreviations you should know to keep you up to speed.


Abbreviations You Should Know Using Social Media

ASL:               Age, Sex, Location     (used in the public chat to know the unknown persons’ information)

BF:                  Best Friend or Boyfriend        (A short term for these words)

BRB:               Be Right Back            (chatter is a bit busy but will return soon)

BBS:               Be Back Soon             (chatter is a bit busy but will return soon)

BBL:               Be Back Later             (chatter is a bit busy but will return soon)

FWIW:           For What It’s Worth               (used before giving an opinion that others may or may not think is important/valid/useful)

CUL:              See You Later             (use to break off chat or end a chat)

BTW:              By The Way                (used when giving an extra piece of information)

FYI@:            For Your Information             (commonly used in group chats to send a piece of information to a particular person)

HAND:           Have A Nice Day       (wishes used to end a chat)

J4F:                 Just For Fun                (used in chats to let people know your message is not intending to hurt them or others)

IMHO:            In My Humble Opinion          (mostly used before giving an opinion)

IMO:               In My Opinion            (mostly used before giving an opinion)

MYOB:           Mind Your Own Business      (an expression used when you feel that someone is too interested in your personal life)

OTW:             On The Way                (used to let chatters know u are reaching them soon or the matter of concern)

PBB:               Parents Behind Back              (used to let your chatter know your parents are watching or are going to watch your chat, so mind your words)

RUP:              Read-Up Please          (used to express the importance of text content)

ROFL:            Rolling on the Floor Laughing            (used when something is very funny)

SAR:              Sent As Received       (forwarding a message and you are completely unaware of the information)

Sry.PB:           Sorry. Personally Busy            (showing you are online and not in the mood of chatting in a group)

TTYL:            Talk To You Later      (a way of signing off. Used as a way to say ’bye’)

*WS:               Wrongly Sent              (apologizing you sent a message to the wrong group or a wrong person)

TYAL:            Thank You A Lot       (used to thank your chatter)

Zzzz…:           Sleeping          (just to let you chatters know you are sleepy or not in the mood of chatting)

ASAP:            As Soon As Possible               (mainly for military purposes / urgent situations)

WTH:             What The Hell?           (expressing your aggressive anger)

SMH:              Shaking My Head       (use to express shocks on faces in text)

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