How to make Passive Income and Get Paid by Mobile Money

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Yes, this is possible right here in Ghana with little or no initial investment capital. I must say, living standards have changed over the years. In today’s era, a single stream of income for most people can hardly meet life demands. Especially with the constant increase in prices of fuel hence transportation, food items, clothing and utilities.

For those of us who are satisfied with our signal stream of income, that is good news to us. But to the versa who are looking for other sources of income to supplement their day jobs with no stress, I say you are welcome. For you are reading the right post.

Decritrics, in search of passive income jobs, have come across these 4 work from home jobs. These are opportunities that can supplement your day job, or even replace it over time.

Opera News Hub

Opera is one of the world’s leading Internet consumer brands. In November 2020, opera launched its newest addition called the opera news hub which is currently active in five major countries, Ghana, Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria and Cote d’Ivoire.

This hub is to enable writers and bloggers to produce and monetize original content. It is also to distribute the content of writers to a larger and active audience with basically no stress.

This is an opportunity for individuals who love to blog but can’t afford the stress of setting up a blog site. All you need is to provide unique content and get paid via mobile money or bank transfer every month.

To sign-up or read more about opera news hub CLICK HERE 

Nationton Republic

Nationton Republic is a Ghanaian own online technology and a digital multipurpose platform providing professional services.

According to the website, Nationton is own by Nation Kyei Long-Freeman a graduate of the University of Ghana.

The site offers a help service platform with an initial investment capital of Ghc 10.00 during registration. Nationton requires you to share your link with family and friends and also on social media platforms. Doing so will enable you to earn more money.

You make a maximum of GHc 9.00 from anyone who sign-up using your link or referral user name. This indicates that you gain more by getting more people to sign up using your link.

If you are interested in giving it a try CLICK HERE

 Scooper News

Scooper is a news platform that pays content creators for publishing their ideas and news content. They pride payments of $0.80 for each article published. Your article should be originally written by you. Plagiarised articles will not be approved.

For vloggers producing video content, payment of each video will be discussed before publishing.

This opportunity is currently available in nine countries including Ghana, and Nigeria.

If you are interested, get registered and wait for your application to be approved.  CLICK HERE 

Mind sumo

Mind sumo is an innovation crowdsourcing platform. This platform help companies and brand owners to crowdsource breakthrough ideas from creative problem-solvers like you.

All you need is to have a good researching skill either on google or any credible source, and also be an outside the box thinker that provides results.

Get signed up and select a project you have many ideas about and make money.

To read more or Register CLICK HERE


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