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Later that evening, Olamide had a heart to heart discussion with Tomi’s best friend, Oreoluwa. I still can’t believe she’s gone. He said with tears in his eyes. How did it really happen?

I can’t believe it either, Ore replied wearing a long face. The doctor said she had an ectopic pregnancy.
“Pregnancy..?” I didn’t even know she was pregnant, Olamide said looking surprised.

I know, Ore replied. She wanted to surprise you with the news as a birthday gift next Tuesday. Tears began to roll down his eyes as he felt another sudden rush of guilt.

What is an ectopic pregnancy? he asked. It is a pregnancy that is located outside of the womb Ore answered. It can be in the abdomen, ovaries, or neck common site for an ectopic pregnancy.

So what could have put her at risk of having it? infection in the past that affected her fallopian tubes, ovaries or her womb, such infections are usually sexually transmitted. “But Tomi never had any infection,” Olamide said.

She could have had one in the past even before you met her, Ore suggested. What else could possibly put her at risk? Olamide asked probing further. Smoking, previous ectopic pregnancy or a pregnancy
that occurred while she was taking hormonal contraceptives.

So how would she have known it was ectopic? Olamide asked “sorry if I’m asking too many questions,” he said cleaning the tears from his eyes with his palms.

It’s ok, Ore said offering him a tissue. You see, initially, an ectopic pregnancy may not show any signs or symptoms, the first symptom will of course be that she would miss her period like every normal pregnancy and a pregnancy test done will come out with the result as positive.

Later signs may include vaginal bleeding or severe abdominal or pelvic pain. Olamide said nodding his head. Is that how it happened for Tomi?

Unfortunately, hers was worse. By the time we found her, she was already in a bad state, her abdomen was beginning to swell because her fallopian tube had ruptured and she had already started bleeding into the abdominal cavity before she fainted, Ore replied.

Olamide looked terrified as Ore continued to explain. Swelling of the abdomen, lightheadedness or fainting in early pregnancy are possible signs and symptoms of ectopic pregnancy”

That is serious, Olamide said shaking his head. “Yes, it is” Ore responded.“ Any pregnant woman found to be in that condition must be rushed to the hospital for immediate medical attention. Tomi, unfortunately, did not get that opportunity. She was alone at home.

Olamide felt a stabbing pain in his chest on hearing those words, Tomi had tried calling him that night, probably while she was in pain and needed his help but Lara had switched off his phone.

So how did she die? Olamide asked feeling a lump forming in his throat. She bled to death Ore replied. She was bleeding internally after her fallopian tubes got ruptured. By the time we rushed her to the hospital, it was too late. She had lost too much blood.

How do you know so much about ectopic pregnancies? Olamide asked. Ore let out a huge
sigh as she responded,” I lost my sister to an ectopic pregnancy five years ago and that prompted me to do further research on it. The doctor we met at the hospital we rushed Tomi to also took his time
to explain everything to us.”

“I admire your courage,” Olamide said. “Sorry about your sister.” It’s ok, Ore said patting his back. You should get some rest now, you’ve had a long day. I don’t know if I can ever rest, Olamide said, I hope
I will eventually forgive myself one day. If only I could turn back the hands of time, I would never
cheat on my wife.”


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