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I hope the festive season was great for all of you? well,I can’t say same for myself though. I don’t know if my story will be the first to be reviewed this year. I hope you can fast track it so I get some advice from the pastors among your followers.

Forgive me for any grammatical errors cos I’m not even thinking straight. I am a junior pastor at a church and had a very embarrassing situation on December 26th.

Firstly, in the spirit of the new year and because I’m saved , let me make i little confession. I fell into a trap earlier. Around February 2021, I backslid and had an affair with my pastor’s daughter after sexting for a while. To make things worse, it happened in my pastor’s house.

I was there on church-related tasks when my head pastor and wife went to visit a sick church member. The affair was followed by immediate regret and I prayed for forgiveness. I’m keeping it a secret because the consequences will be damning, especially because the church supported me in my pastoral school.

That past is buried, the only issue being my Head Pastor’s daughter who still makes advances at me despite me expressing my disinterest. I have made it clear to her that I got married 3 months ago and that the mistake will never be repeated.

Now to the main issue. On the 26th of December, I got a lot of hampers from church members. Usually, I would re-package a few and share or pass them on to my Spiritual fathers and mothers. I will then collapse some of them and produce a befitting hamper to send to my Head pastor and his wife to appreciate their support.

This year, I had some siblings from abroad coming home so there was so much to attend to including taking them to watch uncle Ebo’s play at the National Theatre. I had planned to come back and add up on 2 of the hampers I had received and send them to my Senior pastor and his wife but traffic was terrible and it was delaying me.

So, I asked my wife to select two of the best hampers I received and send them to them on my behalf as it will be inappropriate to miss the church custom.

She showed me the images of the hampers and I okayed it for her to dispatch. Now that same evening, I had a distress call from my Pastor ( who is relatively of my age bracket) to come over, he sounded unusually cold but I could not fathom the issues only to get there and meet the most embarrassing moment of my life.

The hamper I addressed to my Pastor’s wife had alcoholic chocolate, condoms, male delay sprays and a card with a very naughty inscription “When I see you seated in church, I always undress you in my head and want to have more of you.

Can I have you just for one more night before the new year? Please say yes so I confirm the same hotel on the 30th at 8pm when Pastor goes to visit Xxxx. I miss your bed magic” and signed with a love symbol.

Call it dooms day for me! His initial reaction was that was involved with his wife. He had even confronted her prior to my arrival and there was tension. I tried to explain to him that was never the case. I even balled my eyes out to emphasize my innocence.

Him and his wife then kept asking who sent them. A question I have not been able to answer till date. There’s just too much at stake.

If I come clean, all hell will break loose. The church will suffer, I will suffer and so will my marriage.

My inability to respond just keeps heightening the tension and he is still expecting a response.

How do i fix My Broken Pen?


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