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Did you miss “The Happy Ending SPA” on “Broken Pen” on MX24gh? Catch right here Decritics.

I was introduced to your pages some weeks back and I have seen some of the sound advice people who have brought their issues here have received.

I have an issue and really need your support. It’s more of confusion than a real problem. Somewhere last year, I discovered a unisex spa in my area and booked a full body massage session. On the first day, the attendant was very professional and just kept to her task.

But I realized in the subsequent sessions, she was becoming comfortable with me and even will not go out of the room when I’m changing to get ready. On my 3rd visit, as she was massaging me, her hand touched my balls and she said sorry.

She went on with her work but I realized she spent more time around my groin and could see my erection vividly beneath the waist towel she gave me to wrap myself with. This is when I knew this girl was up to something, initially I felt a bit insecure but I realized she was all smiling so I grabbed her hand and planted it on my erection.

She didn’t hesitate and took the towel off, applied a bit more oil and used her hands on me. I was on cloud 9 and she was a pro at that. After a while, she wiped off the oil with a wet towel and gave me my head.

I am just trying to give more details so you will understand my confusion. About 3 minutes in, she asked if I wanted more and I said no. I have had enough and started to feel bad for allowing a woman I hardly knew to do all this with me, a Christ-believing married man.

I had booked for an hour and this had some minutes left as the massage.

I paid double for this day and got the chance to engage the girl and she told me most of the people who come around know the deal and they come for that purpose. I was amazed, I have heard a lot about happy endings but never knew it was this close.

She told me over 95% of the women who come there also come for the same “level” of massage and actually the guys who do the massages have their customers who book ahead of time. Listen, you won’t believe this, 95%!!! and there are more than 50% -60% of them being married women.

They come there to destress with these massages and based on what I experienced, I can only imagine what happens there. Well, it’s something I have kept to myself and though I have reduced my frequency there, in times when there is Cold War in the house and I’m stressed, I pass by for a massage but trust me, I keep it a bit civil.

This lady who massages me has grown so fond of me that she is basically inviting me for private sessions at home and is willing to join me for my trips. But I have to keep her off. She confesses to me being someone she really likes and even jokes sometimes she won’t mind being a second wife.

I am part of the audit team of a multinational company so I had to do a lot of travel at the beginning of the year to our other West African branches. I had been away for a while and came back on the 19th of February which was a Saturday.

The next day when my wife was going to church, she was changing her bag when I saw a calling card from this same spa as part of her items. Initially, I freaked out but I controlled my emotions and innocently asked if she knew the place.

She was a bit jittery (or maybe it’s my mind) and that made my heart miss a beat, then she told me she went there for a neck massage while I was away as she had issues with her neck and back. I just froze Mx24, but I kept my calm and probed further about their services.

She sang their praises and said she had monthly appointments for the next 3 months to aid her back.
I can swear she was not herself before she eventually left for church. I could not go that day but joined the service online. Would you believe after the sermon, there was an Altar call and my wife went to stand there?

I could see her on the screen standing in front when the pastor asked those who felt they needed a new touch from God. They didn’t show their faces but I knew her dress. I mean it’s my wife.

That day, I could not think straight. All sorts of ideas started running through my head. Is my wife allowing another man to groove her? Is she receiving happy endings? I couldn’t even think of it.

That late afternoon after watching football, I drove to the place to see my lady massage friend and showed her my wife’s picture if she has seen her around.

Immediately, she smiled and said she is a new customer and pointed to the dude who massaged her as they had gathered at the car park. They were prepared to close for the day.

Something tells me this girl wants to ruin my marriage with the hopes of taking over. She will usually say if your wife doesn’t take you seriously, I will snatch you from her. But the way my wife behaved and after going for that Altar call, it tells me my wife is having some “packages” at the spa. There’s something wrong somewhere.

I have struggled to touch her after that day and I’ve been very confused. She is also not sleeping close to me like before? Or is this all my mind playing games with me? Or this spa lady has taken me somewhere? Sometimes I dream of making love to the spa lady and it’s strange.

My wife is due to go again on the 14th of this month and I want to stop her. But that is not the issue, how do I know or verify this suspicion I’m having? I really love my wife and don’t know what I will do if this is true but the evidence seems to be pulling up that she is doing something wrong.

Please help me. Don’t mind sharing this on your page as my wife does not want to do anything with social media.

Thank you very much for using your platform to help people in distress.
God bless you.

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This story was inspired and originally published by Mx24gh and re-published by Decritics

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