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Detty December! Detty December! and Detty December! That’s all my friends in the UK could talk about. Everyone wanted to go to Ghana this December. Corona messed up my plans last year so I was unable to go, but this year, my husband had hinted he had some family stuff he had to sort out and would want to go, and obviously I would want to tag along.

The idea got me so excited, I had always wanted to travel with my husband for a December baecation in Ghana.
The day before our flight, my husband unfortunately tested positive for Covid, as it is per the country’s requirements to have a covid test prior to departure.

“Don’t worry, you can take the lead, I’ll be with you in two weeks.” My husband had wanted me to travel to Ghana without him while he fully recovered. I did not quite like the idea at first, but he convinced me and I agreed.

My first week was the most awesome, fun-filled time in a long while. I linked up with old school mates and a few friends. I traveled all around to some of the best spots with my husband’s little sister, we went to Elmina Castle, Kakum National Park, Aburi Botanical Gardens and then partied at Bloom. The Garage and Kona Bar.

I was having an enjoyment spree. I’m an artist. A very good one to be fair. My husband had connected me to a few painters in Ghana to share ideas and network. One night, I needed someone to take me around cos my sister in-law had a date with her boyfriend.

I messaged one of the artists my husband put in contact with. He was an artist from Osu, an artistic town at the heart of Accra as he described.

He took me around town to show me the beautiful lights in and around Accra. I told him I’d love to grab dinner cos I was starving. We made a stop and had a wonderful time dining and wining.

After that, he took me to his studio. He showed me around and even lectured me on how to make a good painting. I enjoyed his company so much I didn’t even realize it was getting late. We had already bonded over a few drinks while we were out and I was half gone.

He had some of my favorite drinks on his shelf. I know I was already very tipsy but I couldn’t resist. I asked for a few more drinks and we sat on his couch and talked some more, as we talked, we had a few more drinks.

The conversation then got a little heated as we started talking about our sexual escapades. I think it was the alcohol talking, I was beginning to lose control. He stood up, took a canvas and a brush and said, “lemme paint you, without wearing any clothes on.”

And that was how I ended up naked in a stranger’s house. He painted me really well, I loved the painting, but I was turned on and wanted to be touched. He held me, and gave me a soft kiss, then told me to drink some more wine. At this point, the alcohol had completely taken over my system.

He fondled with my body and I loved it, and before I knew, we were all naked banging on the couch, moaning so loud and uncontrollably.

I woke up around 2am with a piercing headache. That was when I became aware of my surroundings and realized I had just had sex with two Ghanaian men in an unknown apartment. Gosh I felt so ashamed, my husband should never find out about this.

I quickly put on my clothes, ordered an Uber and left. I blocked Peter’s number on my way, and unfollowed his painting page on Instagram and I wanted nothing to do with him. My December had already started ‘Detty’.

My husband returned just in time for the Bhim Concert two weeks later. We dressed up, and headed to the Grand Arena to have some fun, he loved Stonebwoy so much. During the show, he stood up to visit the washroom. But to my utmost surprise, he returned 30 minutes later with his hand around Peter’s shoulder; “honey, you wouldn’t imagine who I just met, my nephew whom I hadn’t seen in fifteen years.”

My limbs went numb for a bit. My mind actually went blank and I totally blacked out for about three seconds. “Hi Cassie, my name is Peter, I have heard a lot about you.” – he said with an evil grin on his face as he reached out to give me a handshake.

“Peter will be living in our house for some time, he and I have a lot of catching up to do and I want him close to me.” – those words by my husband got me moody for the rest of the night. What was I going to do? Do I tell him before he finds out? So Peter knew what he was doing all this while?

Peter came up to me in the kitchen one Sunday afternoon and showed me pictures on his phone, of me naked, doing some pretty nasty things. He had that evil grin on his face again. I froze when I saw the photos.

I could not even talk. He then whispered in my ear, “we go again tonight, the three of us again, and we keep going until I say we stop. Else, your sweet hubby gets a hold of your sexy photos.” He laughed and walked out of the kitchen.

It’s been a week now, and I’ve been having sex with this guy in attempts for him not to tell my husband. Mostly when my husband has gone out to meet his friends.

Peter actually seems really mentally unstable whenever he’s around me. Whenever I try to speak to him, he throws tantrums and threats after threats. I can’t continue with this. What have I gotten myself into? He has also threatened to have the painting delivered to my husband on his upcoming birthday if I don’t comply.

How did my December literally end up being this ‘Detty’? And I’ll be in Ghana until January 30th.
How Do I Fix This Broken Pen?


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