ANTHONY DZAMEFE – My Lesson On a Bike

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About a decade ago, few months into my National Service; I was riding my bicycle up a steep hill one hot Bolgatanga afternoon, I learnt a very important lesson.

The hill was steep, the sun was lit. After every stride I panted for the next. That was my first time riding to that side of town and I wondered how far up I had to ride to get to my destination.

While I kept riding, getting weaker by the minute, I could see other riders coming the opposite direction, down the hill, just soaring down without having to move a muscle. How I envied!!

I rode on and finally got to my destination drained in sweat. After finishing my task at my destination, I got back onto my bicycle to head back home and finally I was riding down the hill as well.

Such relief!! The breeze against my skin, the gentle ride downhill when I didn’t have to move a single muscle except to steer; I forgot entirely how difficult it was riding up that hill and I just enjoyed soaring down the hill and wished it would never end then I realized a few things;

That hill represented my life

How would I have ever experienced this amazing feeling of soaring downhill on this bike if I never rode up the hill in the first place? There was no way around it. I either climbed up or gave up at the bottom hence never getting this experience of soaring down with such joy and relief.

Sadly, most of us wish to experience the joy of riding downhill yet we don’t want to climb up the hill. How possible is that?

Getting back home after that ride left a wide smile on my face all day and since then, whenever I get into tough times in life, I smile and tell myself that the higher the mountain I ride up, the longer and more fun my downhill cruise.

As we hustle on , I wish we all understand that it’s totally ok and we are only heading to the peak of our respective hills. The ride downhill will be worth every effort and struggle we took to get up there. Ride on! my good friends and don’t forget, the downhill cruise will be so enjoyable that we will be extremely glad we came this way!

CREDIT: Kwaku Baah Gyebi

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