7 Signs Your Ex Still Loves You and Wants You Back

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It’s quite tricky how sometimes a relationship ends for reasons we thought was right at the time. Just because there is a breakup in a relationship doesn’t mean the emotions and affections that came with it died. Do you think your ex might be falling for you and he/she wants you back for you?

Below are some signs you are likely to identify in your ex to know He/She wants you back.

1. When They Start Texting You More Frequently

Many relationships start with a text like the “Hi’s” and “How are you’s”. your ex trying to get your attention is no different. This serves as an ice breaker for the two to begin a text conversation.

They may find themselves in your DM more often than not trying to check up on you. These conversations most of the time shift their agenda from just checking you to other personal stuff which can get engaging.

The more you notice these signs from your Ex, it is a statement call he or she still loves you. It is most likely a clear sign he or she wants you back.

2. When They Get In Touch With You More On Calls

Lots of time, exes texting each other does the trick works the magic of uniting them. But this magic even works better when your ex begins to check up on you by callings you. When he or she calls you by way of checking up on you, especially after a long break in communication, it simply means he or she misses you.

When you notice the communications on calls last for more than normal, you should know there is a love spark in there. More especially when your communications are centred on things that make you miss each other.

3. If They are Trying To Get To Know You Again

It is not all the time that an ex checking up on your means the otherwise. Sometimes they just want to pass through as a friend.

The moment communications begin to be centred on you, like where you are, what you are up to and the likes, it’s become a vibe of wakening.

Obviously, anyone trying to start a relationship with you would want to know you better and what you are up to.

4. When They Are The One’s Reaching Out More

It becomes even better if they are the ones always reaching out to you. If they are quick in responding to your calls and texts and initiating conversations, you should know they are emotionally invested

5. When They Begin  Sharing What’s Going On In Their Life

Is your ex is only interested in texting or calling because they’re lonely and there is no one to talk to? or do they discuss other matters aside from you and them. It might not mean anything.

But if your ex is opening up about their life, and getting personal, then it’s possible they’re trying to reconnect in a romantic way.

6. When They Want To Know About Your Dating Life

You should be on the lookout for questions concerning your dating life. When your ex begins popping these questions, he or she is definitely interested.

It is a way of rekindling the lost emotions you once shared. It is also almost always a sign they’re trying to see if you are still available.

7. When They Start Acting Jealous Around You

If your ex just wants to be friends, they won’t even blink an eye when you mention all the dates you’ve gone on recently. Rather, they will be happy you have moved on and might even wish you well.

But if they sound a bit jealous or if they seem down in the dumps, chances are they still have feelings for you, and were probably hoping for reconciliation.


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