7 Signs She Wants You To Make A Move

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If you have ever had a crush on a woman or you have this amazing friend you have been planning on starting a relationship with. It can be hard because women can be really hard to read and sometimes and a mixed-signal can be pretty annoying especially when you think you’re making progress only to find out that she didn’t really like you the way you think she does.

Knowing the best time to make a move on her can be very confusing.  I know this for sure cos a dozen of the questions “when can I tell her my feelings? When can I make a move on her? What’s the best time and moment to make a move? Runs through my email all the time.

Maybe you have known her and have probably been hanging around for a while now. Maybe you guys are just friends and lately, you have started to develop some feelings for her or she has “friend zone you” and for that matter, you are not sure the appropriate moment and time to shoot your shot.

If you also happen to be the type of guy that finds it difficult to talk to a woman, probably with the fear of being rejected? Read till the end, I believe these tips are for you.

Let me give you the seven steps to knowing if she wants you to make a move on her.

1. If she steals gazes at you or locks eyes with you

It is well noted that when a woman is not interested in a man, she doesn’t or never steal a glaze at him. Put your position and handsomeness aside, you can admire her beauty all night looking at this woman and she wouldn’t even notice your presence. She might probably be around for the food, the drinks or the money, but in her own small world, she is busy doing her own thing.

Stealing a glaze is not to say to the moment where she sort of just looked at you and you also looked at her over the table or at the restaurant and just looked away.

I’m talking about those one-off incidences. Those times you’ve cut her looking at you over and she would quickly take her eyes off or pretend to do something else whiles smiling cos she knows she has been caught.

I’m talking about those constant repetitive times that she looks at you. Those cute moments where all you are cut doing is looking at each other smiling and probably not saying a word. It’s actually cute if you have experienced that.

Believe this, if a woman really wants a man, she would herself available to be a stout. This is a sign and window to move in.

To doubles check this theory. The next time your gaze happens to meet again, hold your gaze a little longer and see if she holds hers for as long as you do. If she does, it’s a connection thing happening right there. This is an invitation to make a move, whatever your move, maybe.

Remember, always start soft and slow.

2. When Her Friends Ask You If You Like Her

The secret weapon women use to determine the mindset of a man is mostly their friends. When a woman is attracted to you, she would want to know what you are thinking about her, so she doesn’t waste her time or probably get her heartbroken.

If you get random comments from her friends like;

You guys look good together, what are you waiting for?

Do you like my sister or friend?

You better not break her heart or else..”

This is an opportunity for you to jump right into the action because she has definitely been talking about you with her friends in a positive way. It means she likes you and you are a person of interest.

If you like her back, this is a time to just go all out, put your cards on the table, and let her know exactly what you’re coming in for.

Don’t forget to pay attention to her body language. Her body language at this stage as he friend’s bombard you with questions can tell if she is into you or out.  For example, if is she acting all shy, laughing or she looking at a friend like really why you would ask him that kind of thing?

3. When She Ask You Personal Questions

Once you realize that she is beginning to ask a few more personal questions that are mostly reserved for people who have known each other longer or for people who are in more meaningful relationships, then you know you are definitely on the right path.

I strongly advise that once that happens, make sure to also ask important pertinent questions for yourself, after all, you will also want to get to know this lady. Getting to know her will help you decide as to whether this is a woman you actually want to date at all or not.

4. When She Breaks Away From Groups To Be Alone With You

Before a woman breaks away from groups to be alone with you, it’s a score. Yeah, it is. You must know this, if a woman doesn’t like you, she will not want to be alone with you for starters.

She doesn’t trust you, she is not attracted to you and she definitely will not be looking for opportunities to give you a chance to draw closer to her.

When you find her breaking away from groups and making herself more available to you. She is definitely into you. That’s a great sign.

I would say that alone time is always a good sign and it’s always better to make a move during these one-on-one sessions where everybody else is distracted out there. You just have to shoot your shot, you have her full attention. She is engaged with you, and when she is interested in what you are saying and laughing at your jokes. What else are you waiting for? Don’t be scared, just ask her whether she would want to take this relationship a little further.

On the other hand, if the interest is mutual and you find her being the one who is trying to break you away from your group of friends, even better, go for it. Don’t let this slide away.

5. When She Moves Closer When You Touch Her

Not every communication will literally come out of her mouth. You need to master body language because body language says, a whole lot more than a woman will ever say, if you reach out to touch her, not even necessarily in an intimate way and she draws closer to you, of course, depending on the setting you guys are in, that could be a good sign that she wants you to make a move.

Take note of the environment in which you are, the circumstances around you and her body language. If your intuition gives you a green light, go ahead and just shoot your shot. If you touch her, keep your hand a little longer on her and she finds a way to take your hand off, or moves away to give you guys some space. You should know it’s a wrong time to make a move.

6. If She Invites You Into Environment Or Her Space

If a woman does this, it means that she trusts you and guys it is a plus. The vice is true as some women are just being courteous, maybe she likes you enough. Maybe you are a cool friend and so she will invite you to her space. It could be her home or some other place that is personal to her.

If she trusts you enough to be alone with you, in a space, where nobody else is. Where there are no distractions, and it’s just you and her.

You must definitely mean a lot to her. Do not take that trust for granted by making a complete fool of yourself. For example, thinking she asked you to come over so definitely there is going to be some sort of sexual intimacy between you two.

This is No, if you ask me, don’t even think of making any kind of move sexually. Relationships mean more to people than just sex.

Yes, things could escalate if you both feel the same way. But it should be then and only then to avoid making a fool of yourself.

She is probably going to give you more of herself the next time. Especially if she finds you attractive and do want to get a little more intimate you were the first time you guys had that close encounter. So take note of it and make sure that you don’t ruin the whole experience for you the first time around because you were too excited.  Be absolutely sure you are ready to make a move before you initiate any kind of move.

7. If She Keeps The Door Open For You

Finally, I’d say she keeps the door open for you. Even after you thought maybe it was a missed opportunity. Maybe the first day was a little awkward.  Maybe friends around the environment weren’t conducive, and so she wasn’t really open.

However, if she leaves the door open for you, by continuing to message you. And by calling you alone after your first encounter. It’s a sign that she wants to get to know you well. This is a huge potential of something meaningful.

Because trust me, if a woman is not interested after your first encounter. She is definitely not coming back to message you, she probably even delete your number.

I hope this tip helps.

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