6 Ways To Fix Broken Communication In a Relationship

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The fundamental pillar to every relationship is known as the 3 C’s. Communication, Communication, Communication. This justifies how important communication is in a relationship. As love rise and fall in relationships, so does communication weakens from time to time, and if not well managed can destroy or end your relationship completely.

In this article, we are going to look at six (6) ways to fix or manage broken communication in relationships.

1. Recognize What May Be Happening To You And Your Partner

It takes time to progress from assessing to criticizing a condition. Both partners must be willing to examine their own and each other’s situations. What has caused each of them to get fixated on a single truth? When and where did they lose the ability to listen and recognize that there are often multiple genuine realities?

2. Recognize The Dangers To Your Relationship

Recognize the dangers to your relationship if dogmatic ideas, thoughts, and feelings take the place of sensible reasoning. Make a promise to become more open to variety again. You can always agree to disagree, but only if you do it with compassion, acceptance, and a willingness to consider and feel what the other person is going through.

3. Listen Carefully And Without Passing Judgment

Listen carefully and without passing judgment on the other person’s point of view, as well as how and why he or she came to hold it. Were they always present and have become magnified as a result of influences from outside biases, or have they become inflated as a result of influences from outside biases?

4. Examine How And Why Each Of You Defends Your Point Of View For Similarities

Examine how and why each of you defends your point of view for similarities. What is it that has caused each of you to become so fixated on seeing things only one way? Look for common ideas and sentiments that may be causing you to be terrified of letting go of what you believe in, and how that rigidity is causing you to drift apart.

5. Create A New, Mutually Agreed-upon Set of Attitudes And Beliefs

Create a new, mutually agreed-upon set of attitudes and beliefs that incorporates as much as possible both of your thoughts and feelings. Commit to pushing your limits and accepting your partner’s perspective in order to achieve your own more flexible transformation.

6. Check-in With One Another On A Frequent Basis

As new challenges occur, check in with one another on a frequent basis to continue working on this new collaboration. If your reactive biases, prejudices, or condemnations are becoming stronger, be aware that you may be slipping back into them. To keep your resolution, repeat the steps as needed.


In conclusion, as much as relationships are important in one’s life, managing the communication that exists through them is as important as our lives and happiness itself. Combining all six (6) points is meant for a better stable relationship.

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