20 Ways To Rate Your Relationship

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It is that time of the year again where lovers make decisions that affect their lives positively or negatively. Which one of these outcomes affects you and in what way are you affected, the positive or the negative.

In this article, we are going to access and rate our relationships base on the two most important life’s determinants, “Liability and Assets

Take a sheet of paper, fold it into two half. Now use one side of the paper for your relationship liabilities and the other half for your relationship assets.

Using a rating score from 0-100, a scoring rate between 50-70 is considered a balanced relationship. A scored rating above 70 is a good relationship and above 85 is considered an excellent relationship.

Remember no relationship is perfect, thus rating them well help you know your stand in the relationship, shape and prepare you to do better. It will also help you celebrate the past, honour the present and strategies for the future.

The Relationship Liabilities

  1. Selfish and self-centred only focus on ones’ needs.
  2. Shows affection only when you need something from your lover.
  3. Everything about the relationship starts and ends with you.
  4. Refuse to apologise when you are wrong.
  5. Over controlling, intolerance and abusive.
  6. Always playing blame games by seeing your lover as your problem.
  7. Hiding important information your lover must know and pick up fights over trivial issues.
  8. Never show appreciation or acts of kindness for what your lover does for you. You withdraw often and show constant acts of revenge.
  9. Having multiple relationships, incompatible interests and never supporting each other in your future goals.
  10. Poor communication and no future plan, and excessive spending.

The Relationship Assets

  1. Makes time and encourage each other in all areas of life.
  2. Honest and committed to your relationship.
  3. You are kind and patient with each other.
  4. Putting the needs of your lover above yours and make great sacrifices for each other.
  5. You fight fair and resolve your issues amicably.
  6. You see yourselves as equal partners and make mutual decisions.
  7. Talk about your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.
  8. You have a vision and mission for your relationship and you work at them.
  9. You communicate effectively.
  10. Plan life goals and work towards achieving them

How it works

The key to rating your relationship is to draw a balance between your relationship liabilities and assets. Take a close look at your relationship and tick from both sides the statement that best describes your relationship or partner.

If your liabilities exceed your assets, your rating is poor and your relationship could be at risk.

If your rating is poor and hopeless, be bold and leave. There is no point staying in a relationship that is clinically dead.

Never put your life on hold for anybody in the name of a relationship. Never believe that a bad relationship is better than nothing because a bad lover can unmake you for life.

If your liabilities and assets cancel out, your relationship may be satisfactory.

Give yourself a second chance, relationships can get better if lovers show commitment and work on their weaknesses.

If your assets exceed your liabilities, Hold on to the assets you have so strong, and work on the few liabilities for father belter the relationship. It can always get better.

Do a complete assessment of your partner and relationship and determine the future from here.

Let honesty, effective communication, commitment, unconditional love, forgiving spirit and prayer lead your relationships and it will get better.

Leave us a comment on what you think your relationship score is in the comment section below.

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